Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just Because They Make It Doesn't Mean You Can Wear it!!!

Ladies, ladies, ladies, can we talk? The warm weather is fast approaching and I thought this would be the perfect topic to discuss, especially since the weather will be approaching 80 degrees in the Philadelphia area later in the week. I am almost afraid of what I might see this weekend in the warm weather. I had to use visuals for this article because bayeeee words just can’t explain some of the shit I have seen, especially on bodies that didn’t have NO BUSINESS in that shit.

Ladies if you look in the mirror and you see the Michelin man looking back, please don’t try to fit a spandex dress over that unless you plan on giving out free spare tires for the night. Case in point:

If you look in the mirror and you see a free for all fight in your ass please don’t try to cover it up with spandex and then have the audacity to not wear a long shirt to cover it up. Remember, when you are walking down the street you can’t see the midgets constantly fighting in your ass, but damn it we can, so put a shirt over it!!

Hey I am not saying that just because you are a voluptuous woman doesn’t mean that you can’t be sexy. I know several voluptuous women who are very sexy, but please be classy at the same time! Sexy is all a state of mind. I woman can be sexy in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. I woman can be sexy in a wrap dress or a simple dress and a fresh pedicure in a pair of open-toe sandals. A real sexy woman knows that she makes the clothes and the clothes doesn’t make her.

I love, just like most women, feeling and looking sexy, however, I DO know my limits. I am not a big woman, but I know what I can and can’t wear, period! Just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean you SHOULD wear it in your size. So ladies please remember this simple statement when the temperature starts to inch up and we want to start shedding our clothes. Because the eyes can only take but so much!

I’m just saying…

C Double R!


  1. The problem these days is that the sexy-confidence level has been increased. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but we have to help larger/plus-sized women understand the difference between classy vs trashy. It's sad because a lot of what you see is appalling. It's a matter of self respect and dignity that's missing. Darn shame, but the men also play a significant part in this nonsense because of their obvious lack of good loving and standards in their lives that allow them to hold these types accountable to keeping it appropriate... (Just my 2 cents)...

  2. Yes PLEASE tell your fellow women not to do this! PLEASE. Some stuff just isn't right. If you are a size 18, don't try to squeeze into a 6. The side of your thighs lookin' like speed bumps.

    I might invest in Spandex though. From what I've seen, it can really stretch.