Sunday, January 30, 2011

Being Satisfied Without Having The Big “O”!

Fellas, I know you love it when you can make a woman have multiple orgasms. However, if she doesn’t have one doesn’t mean she didn’t enjoy it. Most men measure whether or not a woman was satisfied sexually by how many times he can make her have an orgasm, but is this a good barometer to use to find out whether or not a woman is satisfied sexually?

For most women it’s more about the connection that she has with a man rather than the number of times she has an orgasm. Not to say it’s not exciting having the big “O” but women can also have a great sexual experience without them.

Most people don’t know that a woman can actually climax without having an orgasm. Just because a woman doesn’t “release” doesn’t mean she didn’t climax. I think men confuse the two when they don’t see “proof” of a woman’s climax. For some women it is very difficult to have an orgasm, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy the sexual experience. I have heard women say that they have never had an orgasm, but they still love having sex.

The body responds differently to different people when it comes to sex. A woman may not have any orgasms with one partner and have ten with another partner and consider them both to be great lovers. It goes back to the way a woman connects with a man mentally, emotionally and physically that makes a man a great lover. On the other hand, it could be just pure animal attraction between a man and a woman that makes her body have numerous orgasms when they are together sexually.

So men don’t feel bad if your woman doesn’t have the big “O” every time you two are intimate, just focus on her body language and her response to you sexually which are great indicators on whether or not you are pleasing her sexually.

I’m just saying.

C Double R!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Diamonds and Fur Won't Make You Climax!

I have heard women say they would marry for money and not love if they could find a rich man. I am quite sure there are plenty of these women married to entertainers (professional athletes, actors, musicians, rapper, etc). But one have to wonder, are these women truly happy in the bedroom?

These women may come home to mansions and servants, and may drive fancy luxury cars, but how happy are they in the bedroom? Their husband’s may satisfy them outside the bedroom, but if he is not satisfying them in the bedroom best believe that there are a lot of battery packed toys in the bedroom and maybe one or two men on the side getting the job done for them.

When women say they will married for money and not love they are not thinking about the consequences that they are setting themselves up for in this kind of arrangement. They are only thinking about the diamonds and fur and not the orgasms in the bedroom. This is the main reason why most of these marriages don’t last long and if they do, the wife ends up being miserable anyway.

So ladies, be careful for what you wish for or the actions you take because you may be setting yourself up for failure. Yes, you may be rocking the latest high- fashions, living in a mansion and driving the luxury cars, but when it comes to the bedroom you are piss broke!

I’m just saying.

C Double R!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby Momma Drama!

This is something that most women can relate to, including myself. Ladies you know how you meet that “special” someone and he is all that you are looking for in a man, except there is one issue. BABY MOMMA DRAMA!! Damn, damn, damn (in my Florida Evans voice)!! So now you have to weigh the pros and the cons of the situation.

You have to assess the situation from top to bottom and decide whether or not he’s worth all of the drama? So you start with the easy questions first. How many baby mommas are we talking about? How old are the kids, are they toddlers or teenagers? Are they boys or girls (trust, this makes a BIG difference especially if they are teenagers). Are the kids local or out of state?

Now you have to ask yourself the real questions. Does the baby momma(s) call in the middle of the night? Does he go over to the baby momma(s) house in the middle of the night, talking about he’s going to spend time with his kids? Does he walk out of the room when the baby momma(s) calls him? Does his ass smell like fresh soap when he comes back from supposedly seeing his kids? Does the baby momma(s) act like Keisha from Why Did I Get Married (For those of you who have seen the movie know what I am talking about?). If so, then they are still knocking boots and you need to get to stepping!! Period!

Again, this goes back to making the right investment when it comes to our relationships. If you ask yourself the questions about the baby momma(s) and if only one of the answers is a “yes”, then that’s a red flag. If you ask yourself these questions and all of them are “yes” then that’s a damn burning flag!!

I do have to defend the innocent fathers here because all fathers are not still dealing with their baby momma(s) even if the baby momma(s) tends to act like a crazy azz woman when it comes to the new woman. I can say this because again, I have experienced it. Sometimes the baby momma(s) can’t or won’t accept the fact that her child’s father has moved on and she is still stuck on “relationship” mode when it comes to the father. Ladies, just because your child’s father may come back once in awhile and break you off some doesn’t mean you two are back together. Or just because kids night turns into “mommy night” too, doesn’t mean you two are back together.

So ladies, just keep these questions in mind when you do meet a guy with kids, because kids can make or break a relationship, but baby momma drama can kill a relationship even before it gets started!

I’m just saying..

C Double R!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"You're A Good Woman Just Too Damn Big To Be My Woman!"

This is a topic I had to speak on because I have had this conversation with several of my male counterparts and each time I get heated when I have this discussion with a man.

Ok everyone peep this, true story. I have a really good male friend. He is a very attractive man who loves attractive women. He meets this woman (which is not his traditional flavor) he starts dating her, but never really exclusively. So one day we’re having a conversation and he says to me, “Chanel, this woman is like no other woman I have ever met! When I go over to her house she has my bath water ready with my favorite soap and my toothbrush laid out with my favorite toothpaste and my dinner is ready when I get out of the tub. She rubs me down and caters to me in every way possible sexually. She even packs my lunch EVERY day for work (I am talking homemade meals not sandwiches).” So I am thinking to myself damn does she have a brother that can cater to me the same way!! So I ask the obvious question, “So what is the problem?” His exact words were, “She is big as shit!!” Then he goes on to say she is a beautiful girl in the face, but she is just too damn big!

At this point I am furious!! So we go into the whole male/female conversation on how men are physical creatures and women are emotional creatures and so on and so forth. So eventually I just told him, if you truly felt that way about her then you should have never gotten involved with this woman, period!! This situation went on for over three years until he finally had the balls to tell her that she deserves better.

So of course I had to survey all of my male friends in regards to this issue and it wasn’t until I had this conversation with a male friend who kinda put things in perspective for me. So I had to take the Chris Rock stance, I don’t agree with it, but I understand!!

So here’s the deal, he says, what if you met a man and one of the qualities that attracted you to him was that he was a hard working brotha, good job, great work ethic then all of a sudden he just said fuck it and stopped working and laid around all day playing video games? He said men hold a woman’s appearance in the same regard that women hold a man’s work status and ethic.

Now, he did agree that dude should have never gotten involved with ole girl if he knew she wasn’t his flavor from the gate! He then went on to say, what if you and I got together and right now you take care of yourself by working out riding your bike, walking the treadmill to keep in shape, then all of a sudden you just stopped working out and started eating twinkies all day and gained 50 pounds. He said then I wouldn’t be the same person he married and was attracted to, same with him, he wouldn’t be the same man I married if he just stopped working. These are the different qualities that appease the sexes. Bottom line is, men are physical creatures and women are not only emotional creatures, but are drawn to strong powerful men or at least a brotha with a job!!!

I don’t agree with it, but I understand (in my Chris Rock voice)!!

What’s your take and keep it 100?

C Double R!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Sex Reaction Concept

Before I dive into this concept I must first acknowledge the person who gave me this topic to talk about, Double D. This is a very dear friend of mine who is very knowledgeable when it comes to sex and women. This concept was a revelation to me and I am quite sure it will be a revelation to many other women as well.

I was listening to The Steve Harvey Morning Show and he was speaking to a gentleman caller who stated that he is married to the perfect woman, but he has a problem of wanting to still search for that “good sex” with other women. Steve’s comment to him was sex is all the same until emotions are involved then it becomes something much deeper and that is why men can sleep with numerous women and feel no attachment to them and still love their mate. As I pondered this statement I thought it had some validity to it but after I asked my friend if he agreed with that statement he said no and explained why.

He explained that sex is all about reactions, seeing how a woman responds to you sexually. He gave the example of a man wanting to be with a doctor, lawyer or a professional woman to see how she would respond to him sexually. He explained that sex brings a person to their weakest moment and to see a “take charge” kind of woman at her weakest moment sexually is a huge turn on. Therefore, that is why so many men are on the prowl when it comes to conquering that thirst for sex with numerous women, to see how they respond sexually.

As a woman, I never viewed a cheating man, or a single man who have numerous sex partners in this way. I never thought about the reaction concept when it comes to men and sex. The Reaction Concept basically is a man taking the most headstrong woman, a woman who is usually in control of her life or a physically beautiful woman and breaking her down to her weakest point sexually and getting off on it sexually.

However, I must admit this applies to women too. Women love seeing an authoritative man climax and go weak at the knees after they have blown his mind sexually. I must confess it is a euphoric feeling. Sometimes you have to say to yourself “If his boys could only see him now.” The major difference between men and women when it comes to “The Sex Reaction Concept” is that women can get off by making one man breakdown sexually whereas men need multiple women to satisfy this sexual concept and therefore, that is why they are always in search for new prey.

They only way for a man to change his behavior is to get to the root cause of his behavior and control it. He may not be able to eliminate it, but he can control and suppress it to a level where he can be faithful to his mate. Once again, you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge!

I’m just saying

C Double R!

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Internet Love - Fake or Real???

I know this is the age of technology and there are hundreds of match making sites, as well as social websites, Myspace, Facebook,,, even I know that a fair share of new relationships, friendships and marriages were form because of these sites. I must admit not only have I met new friends, but I also have reconnected with old childhood friends and classmates. However, I still prefer to meet my “mate” the old fashion way, in person, not thru a modem.

I believe that internet dating is more accepted today than ten years ago. Ten years ago if someone met their mate online, it was perceived as a desperate move, as if they couldn’t meet anyone in person. Or others viewed people who participated in internet dating as losers or people who pretended to be someone that they weren’t so they could get a date because they couldn’t get one in person.

I believe internet dating could also be used as a meat market. Think about it, you have access to thousands of individuals, so my thought is if you’re hollering at me, who’s to say that you’re not hollering at hundred other women at the same time (especially with instant messaging)? I think it could also be perceived as a place for women and men to run game and basically try to get away with it. So my question is, “How can you tell if someone is sincere?” I have noticed on some social sites men try to crack on you and try their best to act as if they are only trying to holler at you, but then you go to your friend’s page and they have a million flirtatious comments under their picture? WTF???

Again, if this works for you, then by all means go for it. I actually have a friend who met her husband online and they are happily married and now have a beautiful child together. So it works for some, but not for all. Unfortunately, I don’t think I could ever take internet dating serious, because I just think there are too many guys out there trying to run game by hiding behind the computer. I take my chances via the supermarket, a social outing, park, or just in passing.

I just saying….

C Double R!!!