Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ladies, have you ever taken on a man – as a science project?

Most people think of a science project as an unique project that is created from scratch that has a cause and effect aspect to it, not a man. Cause and effect refers to the philosophical concept of causality, in which an action or event will produce a certain response to the action in the form of another event. Unfortunately, some women think they can take this same analogy and apply it to a man. Some women take on men as if they are taking on a science project. They think they can build a man to their liking hoping it will create the cause and effect they always looked for in a man.

When some women reach a certain age and start thinking about being alone for the rest of their life or their biological clock, they act out of desperation, not common sense and take on any man that will give them the time of day. Unfortunately, this way of thinking does not discriminate. This way of thinking can claim a highly educated woman, a businesswoman, a religious woman, an attractive woman, basically any woman who is feeling desperate.

Desperate situations call for desperate measures. Some women would rather take a man on as a dependent than wait for the right self sufficient man to come along. They will pay off their debts, tolerate their unemployment, numerous kids, and sometimes even their hazardous vices, all for the sake of having a man.

In most of these situations friends can see the writing on the wall, unfortunately, a good number of desperate women don’t listen or refuse to listen to their friends because silently they are hoping and praying that their science project will create the cause and effect they are hoping for, but in most cases it doesn’t.

My advice is ladies don’t take men on as science projects, wait for the man that already provides that cause and effect that you are looking for in a man. Because at the end of the day that great science project may turn out to be one huge disappointment that wasted a lot of your time, energy and money,

I’m just saying.

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