Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Many can obtain but how many can sustain?

Many people can obtain but how many people can sustain? Sure, you may be able to “wow” them in the interview and get the job based on your acting skills, your enhance job experience, but how long can you sustain that job that you lied to get? Sure, many of us can qualify for a house or car based on credit only but how many can “really” afford the house that they live in or the car that they drive? Same as in a relationship, you may be able to attract a quality person but how long will you be able to keep that person once they start to unwrap that pretty package that you presented to them so well?

We all try to put our best foot forward when entering into a new relationship, especially when you know you have found a “diamond” among cubic zirconias. Sometimes we want to impress our new mate so badly that we enhance the things we have or about to get and hopefully “keep” that person’s attention. If we were once riding high and now fell off sometimes we tend to constantly talk about the past to boost ourselves up to impress that new “diamond” that we found. But as the saying goes “a man that constantly lives in the past don’t thinks he has a future”.

The presentation may be beautiful but after some time has pass and the bows start falling up that beautifully wrapped package that’s when you start to realize that you just have a beautifully wrapped empty box. Once you start to peel back the wrapping and remove all of the bows and take the lid off the box you realize the wrapping was worth more than the gift itself.

What’s the moral of this analogy, always be humble. Learn from your mistakes, downfalls and always live in the present and never try to relive the past. Everything in life happens for a reason, it is our job to figure out the lessons learned from our experiences whether good, bad or ugly. However, one can’t change what they don’t acknowledge. Nobody wants a shell of a person or a person who constantly live in the moment when they were “on top” and never address the present or plan for the future. If you found someone that can help you get back “on top” because they believe in you embrace that person and respect that person enough to let them help you get out of the past and start planning for your future.

I’m just saying…

C Double R!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just Because I'm Sexy Doesn't Mean You Can Sex Me

Just because I wear tight jeans that accentuate the roundness of my bottom, or a dress that compliment my curvy hips and thick thighs doesn’t mean I’m ready to jump in your bed. Just because I’m sexy doesn’t mean you can sex me!

I had a good friend of mine ask me to write about this topic. She wanted me to clear up the misconception of a sexy woman. Some men think just because a woman is sexy she is easy to sex. Now let’s examine the word sexy, shall we. There is a difference from being sexy and being trashy. A woman can be sexy in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. The jeans may be sexy because they hug her in all the right spots and the fitted tee shirt because it highlights her assets. She is being sexy without even trying and without exposing her skin. Trashy is when a woman is drawing attention to herself for all of the wrong reasons because she have damn near all of her orifices hanging out for the whole world to see. Ladies this is not sexy this is trashy.

As my homegirl Ms. Nikki said just because I am sexy doesn’t mean I want to have sex with you. I’m sexy and classy not sexy and trashy. I’m sexy dressed up or down. I own sexy where others have to lease it with an option to buy.

So guys learn to differentiate sexy classy from sexy trashy and once you recognize the difference make sure your game is tight if you want to be with Ms. Right. If your game is weak then you may end up with the freak of the week!

I’m just saying

C Double R!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Menage a Trois- Is It Worth The Risk?

This is the ubiquitous fantasy of almost every man. Men have been fantasizing about this fantasy since the beginning of time and from the start of their puberty. Every time I ask a man what is his biggest sexual fantasy the first thing that comes out of his mouth is a ménage a trois, that’s if they haven’t acted on the fantasy yet. I do know men who have admitted to acting out this fantasy with either one of their buddies or two women.

I have been told if this is a fantasy that you want or planning on fulfilling it shouldn’t be with someone that you are in a serious relationship with or truly care about because you may run the risk of having your fantasy back fire on you. I had a buddy tell me that he dated this woman who helped him live out this fantasy, she had sex with him and two other women, a couple of his boys on several occasions. When she found out that he was getting married she asked him why wasn’t he marrying her and he simply stated, “I can’t married you, you slept with my boys.” At this point, she could have been Michele Obama, Halle Berry or had everything going on for herself but because he knew she slept with his boys and he was a participant in the act he lost all respect for her.

Now on the flip side, if you do carry out this fantasy with someone that you are in a serious relationship with or really care about you may find yourself left out in the cold when it’s all said and done. You may hound your woman for months at a time or even years to help fulfill this fantasy of yours and then when she finally grants your wish she could get turned out by the third party, it could be male or female, and mess around and either leave or cheat on your ass with the very person you begged to bring into your bedroom. So, be careful for want you wish for because you just might get it and in the end you may be on the outside looking in.

I was told this is something that you want to do with a woman who is just your buddy and have no intentions on getting serious with or someone you’ll never see again, like someone that you and your buddy meet on vacation. I was told if a man ask you to do this then he really doesn’t have respect for you or isn’t trying to make you “wifey”. Men, is this true? What if your woman is hounding you to do a ménage a trois does this means she really doesn’t care about you, or is she just a freak?

I’m just saying?

C Double R

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