Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Being Big Doesn’t Guarantee the Gig!

I was on Facebook the other day and one of my friends had a conversation about the power of sex. Basically he stated just because you know how to please your man in bed doesn’t mean he won’t leave you or cheat on you. Boy, did this start a conversation. So of course the ladies responded by saying just because you’re well-endowed and can lay pipe in the bedroom doesn’t mean that a woman won’t leave or cheat on you either???

Look, maybe back in the day if a woman got sprung out on good sex that was a license for the man to do as he pleases because he knew she wasn’t going anywhere. Now fast forward 20 years later, most women don’t tolerate that istuff some even flip the script on men these days. If she has a man that can lay good pipe, but that’s ALL he can do, trust, she will have others to make up for his deficiencies. She will have one that can wine and dine her, one that will take her on vacations, one that will fix things around the house, and one that can offer to pay her bills. Notice how I said “offer” to pay her bills. Most sistas today can pay their own bills and are quite self sufficient, therefore, she doesn’t need a man to pay her bills, but will take donations, feel me?

Nowadays women categorize their men like they categorize their shoes. If she feels like being wine and dined then she will call her Manolo Man. If she needs to have something fixed around the house she will call her Timberland Man. If she feels like getting freaky she will call her Come Get Me Pumps Man. Women are quick to categorize a man just like men categorize women. So men, don’t think that just because you are laying good pipe that your woman won’t step out on you or close the door completely, WAKE THE FREAK UP!!

Forget the 90’s woman and start thinking about the new millennium woman!! Yes, we are no longer staying on the porch, we are stomping with the big dogs! We are doing it for ourselves and doing it big by ourselves! So don’t let the big dick fool you, because if that is the only thing you are offering best believe she has you categorized as the Come Get Me Pumps Man and will only call on you when she is ready to get freaky, but your ass will stay in that size 9 shoebox until then!

I’m just saying…

C Double R!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Here's Another Excerpt From My Book Reactions- Coming This Summer!!

Christopher Jamal Johnson

Chris had been home for a couple of days now and he was still getting re-acclimated to the time difference. He was chilling in the pool relaxing when Tina came back home from the mall. Chris Jr. was hanging out with his buddy Gerald, Brianna was sleeping over at her girlfriend Sabrina’s house, so Chris had the entire night to be alone with his beautiful wife.

“Hey babe, want some company” Tina asked as she walked out to the patio.

“Mmm, only if you promise to get in booty butt naked” Chris said with a sexy smile.

“I think I can make that promise happen daddy” Tina said as she started removing her clothes, first her sundress, sandals, then bra and finally her panties.

Chris had to admit he had a sexy ass wife. After sixteen years together, thirteen years of marriage and two kids later Chris was more attracted to his wife now than he was sixteen years ago. She had a body of a real woman. Curves in all the right places, perky breast, round ass, a flat stomach, big hips and a face of an angel and she was all his and always have been, he was just too damn selfish to appreciate it.

“Damn baby, you are absolutely gorgeous. I love you. I really, really love you” Chris said as he broke down and started to cry out of nowhere. It was partly due to guilt and partly due to thankfulness. Guilt for being such a dumb ass for risking his family life over the years just for a piece of ass, thankfulness for being blessed with a loving, beautiful wife who had the patience to love him regardless of his flaws and mistakes.

“Aww babe, it’s alright. I love you too” Tina said as she stepped into the pool and swam over to Chris and hugged and kissed him.

“I just want to thank you for putting up with me and my bullshit over the years. But if you don’t know anything else, please know this; nothing in this world is more important to me than you, Chris Jr., and Brianna. You all are my life. I will die and kill for all of you. You are the best thing that ever happened to me in this fucked up world and from this moment on, I promise you, you have my word, I won’t do anything to fucked that up ever again” Chris said as he kissed his wife and held her as close as he possibly could as if he would never hold her again.

Chris held his wife tightly for over an hour until they went into the house where they made passionate love for hours. This was a day Chris wished he could live every single day of his life. He just had to find a way to stop Keisha from ruining his home that took him months to get back on the right track.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Should What Happens on Vacation Stay on Vacation?

When you take a vacation with your boys or girls the ultimate goal is to have fun, right? But what if you’re married or have a mate at home when is fun too much fun? When we take a vacation with our buddies we tend to acquire the attitude of what happens on vacation stays on vacation. Some have the tendency to get a little crazy and have the mindset of “these people don’t know me” to justify their crazy, sometimes, unethical behavior.

So the question remains should what happens on vacation stay on vacation? In my opinion it all depends. If you are single and you don’t have a significant other at home then what you do on vacation shouldn’t necessary have to stay on vacation. If you meet someone and you have a connection with that person then it’s not a problem if you all exchange numbers to try to get to know one another better. However, if you’re on vacation and you are married or have a significant other at home there is a line that should be drawn when you’re on a getaway with your girls or boys.

It’s cool to hang out with someone you meet on vacation such as having drinks, dinner and dancing, but what happens on vacation should stay on vacation, point blank period! At the end of the trip there should not be any numbers exchanged, no Facebook, Tweet requests or anything that will keep the lines of communication open with that person. The reason being is if you keep the lines of communication open with this person you are opening the door to potential possibilities that could have serious repercussions. So ask yourself are you willing to take that risk on someone that you just met and happened to spend a couple of fun days with?

It’s all in fun when you are just having fun in the moment when you are married or have a significant other at home, but it turns into something more risqué when you continue to keep the lines of communication open with someone you met on vacation, especially if you had a connection with this person.

So keep it simple. Have fun, enjoy yourself, hell reinvent yourself if you like, but at the end of the day just remember what’s important at home.

I’m just saying.

C Double R!