Monday, May 23, 2011

Keeping The Sexy At Home

I had a very interesting conversation this weekend with a young man from Nigeria, Africa. He seemed like a very intelligent, nice young man, so me, always being the matchmaker told him he would be perfect for my niece once he found out I was almost old enough to be his mother. He started telling me about the traditions of his country. He said the divorce rate is very low in Nigeria. It is 20% as opposed to 50% like in the United States. He also said that most men wait until marriage to start a family, it is very rare to see a single parent mother, and if so, in most cases it is because she’s a widow. But what really struck my interest is when he made the statement that most women in Nigeria overlook the bad and focus on the good when it comes to their husband. I interpreted that as most women turn the other cheek when it comes to infidelity in their marriage. My new friend said divorce is only an option when all other possibilities have been exhausted, however, even if they are exhausted most Nigerians stay married.

When I asked him about cheating he brought up a very interesting point. He said if he happened to see a woman in the street with a sexy outfit on he wouldn’t try to sleep with her but instead he would try to find that outfit for his wife so she could look sexy in it and sleep with her. He stated why would I look outside my house to find something that I already have at home? I must say I was really impressed with this young man’s logic. I thought to myself if most men took that approach when it came to marriage and cheating there probably would be a drastic decline in the divorce rate in the world, not just in the United States.

Men please take notes from this young man, try keeping the sexy at home. Instead of looking for something that you already have at home why not try keeping the sexy in your home and between you and your wife! Try it you might like it!

I’m just saying!

C Double R!


  1. Great article!! Sounds like Nigerian men can appreciate a good woman more than our own men can. Sometimes I think some men put expiration dates on their wives or girlfriends...but like you said "If the men keep the sexy at home" there wont be an expiration date.

  2. I think that the catch phrase here is "why would I look outside my house to find something that I already have at home?"I f your wife has become frigid or is a prude no matter what coaxing you try or efforts you make in the end she can only look at what she wasnt willing to do to keep her Husband at home.Alot of Women think sexy and sex take a back burner when married that is false and probably the biggest lie a woman has ever told herself.

  3. Taking a note from my fav movie Love only lose interest and go astray when you've "exhausted the possibilities". As long as you keep your marriage healthy and exciting and keep renewing the sparks, you wont have to worry about losing anything at home. Put into your relationship what you need out of it and there will be no reason to go looking elsewhere.