Sunday, July 10, 2011

Celibacy – Can It Hurt or Help a New Relationship?

I had a very interesting conversation with a male friend. I asked him what does he think when he meets a woman who tells him that she is celibate? His first response was that no man wants to date a woman who is celibate, especially an older man (30 something plus). So naturally I asked him why? He compared the scenario to the NBA. He said if his goal is to get to the championship by practicing but if the coach tells him from the gate that the team is not going to the championship then why the purpose of practicing? I actually understand and respected this argument, but does it make it right?

I personally think if a man meets a woman who is celibate then he should respect her even more because obviously she respects her body even to not give it away to every Tom, Dick and Harry. However, according to my friend a man sees this as too much work and most men will just walk away from the challenge, especially when it is readily available from someone else.

So can celibacy hurt or help a new relationship? I guess it all depends on who you ask. Some men are willing to put in the work if they really feel like the woman is worth the wait, while other men may see it as too much of a challenge and walk away as soon as the woman let it been known that she is celibate. Ladies, if a man does this then to me it seems like he was only in it for the sex anyway and he did you a favor by walking away.

Ladies, always stay true to yourself and your goals. Some women have more respect for their homes, cars and worldly possessions than they do for their own bodies, especially when it comes to sex. Ladies, realize that your body is a temple and every man that you met is not worth of your goods. Get to know a man before you sleep with a man. Find out his intentions before your give him your full body attention. Because what you may think is a prince in shining armor could be a lion in sheep’s clothing waiting to take your goods and run.

I’m just saying.

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