Monday, January 23, 2012

Drama is not Just a Woman Thing!

Have you ever noticed how when two women either argue or fight over a man the man seldom tries to break it up? Not only does he not break it up, he usually sits back and enjoys the show with a big cheese grin on his face as to say, “Damn, I have two women fighting over me. I am the man!” Yes, some men, just like some women, love drama!

I was watching a movie the other day and when the woman thought her man was cheating on her she was ready to go over to the other woman’s house and give her the business until her man was able to calm her down and convinced her that he didn’t cheat with the other woman. However, when he told the story to his boys he said it with a big grin on his face and said he thought it was sexy that his woman was ready to beat up another woman because she thought he had slept with her. May I ask what the hell is sexy about that? Please keep in mind, these weren’t teenagers either, these were thirty plus grown folks.

Another thing some men love to gossip too? You think not, well think again. Some men like to keep the drama going not only in their relationships, but also within their friendships too. Some men like to talk badly about their boys and spread gossip and rumors just like some women like to do. Men hate on other men just like some women hate on other women. This is not a gender thing, but an insecure, immaturity thing.

Usually when people like drama it’s because they have issues within their own lives or with themselves and want to spread the misery around to others. Some people love drama the way others love their daily dose of coffee. It gives them the jolt they need to keep them going throughout the day. Some people are actually addicted to drama. Their motto is “if it’s drama free then it’s not for me!” If you are a person who knows someone like this or is in a relationship with someone like this the best advice I can give you is cut your ties and quick because as the saying goes misery loves company. And if you don’t or don’t want to then maybe I just described you!

I’m just saying.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It’s Never That Deep to Sneak and Peek!

Do you have the sneaky suspicion that your mate may be cheating? Has he been acting different lately? Coming home late, not returning your calls in a timely manner? Have you been tempted to check his Facebook messages, phone or email? DON’T!

I know this is much easily said than done. But as the saying goes, "if you look for something, you just might find it.” The question then becomes, “Are you prepared to handle all of the possible outcomes?” If you can’t answer “yes” to this question, then you are not ready to go on your massive hunt to prove that your mate is cheating.

My advice is to talk to your mate directly. If you really know your mate you will know when he or she is lying to you. Almost every person have a tell-tell sign when they are not tell the truth. It could be shifty eyes, pacing, constantly rubbing their hands together, or even a twitch. Yes, it is true, almost everyone have a specific giveaway sign when they are lying, especially when they are lying to their loved one. So speak to your mate and pay close attention to their responses and actions. Remember, it’s not always in the verbal response, sometimes the truth is all in the physical response.

I highly don’t recommend snooping and going through their things. Because at the end of the day if you need to do that then you two don’t need to be together in the first place. If there is no trust then there is no real relationship!

I’m just saying!

C Double R!

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why Nice Guys Always Finish Last!

Men are always asking, “Why do nice guys always finish last?” Well, here is the answer in a nutshell. A woman wants a man that has swagger and is versatile. She wants a man who can handle his business in the board room, the bedroom and the streets.

Women like a man who can provide financially, sexually and physically. She wants a smart man, but not a nerdy man. She wants a man who can give it to her good sexually, but not a dog. She wants a man who can handle his in the streets and not a punk.

The biggest thing that most women want is a man who is a challenge, not a “yes” man. A woman doesn’t want a man she can walk over, that is a huge turn off! If it’s no challenge then it’s not fun. Most women want a man who knows how to be authoritative and knows how to put his foot down when he needs to. But women also want a man who knows how to give in and knows how to make her feel special.

Unfortunately, most “nice” guys are one dimensional and cave in too easily and that gets old real fast! It’s fun to most women in the beginning when they have a “yes” man that is there to answer their every beck and call, but after awhile it is no longer fun and it becomes downright annoying.

So “nice” guys if you want to know how to get and keep your woman happy then get a backbone! Sorry, but this isn’t the time to go easy on you, this is the time to keep it real. You have to learn how to put your foot down and say “Damn it woman, because I said so!” sometimes. Learn to take charge, learn to be versatile and don’t cave in so easily. Because at the end of the day don’t no woman want a wimp!

I’m just saying.

C Double R!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

When Your Mate Cheats: Should You Forgive, Get Even or Leave?

This must be the million dollar question. What should you do if you discovered that your mate has cheated on you? Do you forgive? Get even? Or packed your stuff and hit the door? There is no one answer for this very complex question. It actually depends on the individual relationship.

First, let me clarify by saying I don’t condone, endorse or enforce cheating but we all have to understand that there is a reaction for every action. For example, if your mate has repeatedly told you that they feel neglected and you need to be more attentive and you choose not to do something about it then this could open up the possibilities of your mate cheating on you. Does this make his or her cheating justifiable? No, but the warning signs were there. But the cheating incident becomes an opportunity to sit your partner down and have a serious talk about your future together and see if the relationship is worth saving. Believe it or not, sometimes when cheating affects a relationship it can make the relationship bond stronger because both partners, especially the cheater, can come to realize what they have and almost lost.

One thing that is not prudent is returning the favor by going out to cheat just to get even. If you do, what does that say about you? If you cheat then you are just as guilty as your partner, if not more. Again, not condoning cheating, but if your partner warned you about your lack of attention to their needs and you refused to change at least he or she tried to talk to you before they turned to an inside person, you on the other hand, is doing it just to get even. Or is this something that deep down inside you've wanted to do and is now cashing in your free cheating chips because your partner cheated on you? This is never the answer because both of you will grow to resent each other which will make for a horrible future together.

Unfortunately, some relationships are plagued with habitual cheaters. No matter what you do to please your partner they will continue to go out and cheat, regardless of anything that you do! Some people aren’t meant to be in a monogamous relationship, period. It doesn’t necessarily mean he or she doesn’t love you, they may just have an insatiable desire to be with numerous people at the same time. Sounds crazy, but it’s true. If you find yourself in this type of relationship then it may be time for you to go solo. One thing I’ve learned, I said it before and I will continue to say it, never make someone a priority when you are just one of many options for them! Step you self worth game up and bounce!

I’m just saying.

C Double R!

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ride or Die Chick or Desperate Chick?

I am the first to commend a Ride or Die Chick. For those of you who do not know what a Ride or Die Chick is then let me define this kind of woman for you. This is the woman that stands by her man, when others tell her to leave. This is the woman that is the Bonnie to her Clyde. This is the woman who would ride with her man whether he has two dollars or two million dollars. Hence, Ride or Die Chick. But the question becomes when does Ride or Die turns into Desperate Chick?

Every man wants a Ride or Die Chick by his side because he pretty much knows no matter what he does this woman is going to ride with him no matter what? The question is, does this make her a Ride or Die woman or a desperate woman?

Every woman (and man) should have a threshold when it comes to tolerating the intolerable, especially when it comes to their own happiness. It’s cool to stand by your mate side and try to work things out, but if this person is a habitual offender you may want to rethink the terminology of a Ride or Die Chick and start asking yourself have I turned into a Desperate Chick; a woman who is willing to accept and do anything to keep her man?

When you have to constantly beg your mate to marry you, (hence, Chrissy from Love and Hip Hop), or when you have to repeatedly hear rumors about your man sleeping with someone else (Emily from Love and Hip Hop) or have another woman tell you to your face that your man is probably in bed with another woman right now (Kimbella from Love and Hip Hop) you may want to start thinking about an exit plan from your “relationship” and start working on your self esteem.

I understand we all want love and some of us love so hard that we don’t realize when we cross the line to being desperate. Don’t make someone else a priority in your life when you are only an option in theirs!

I’m Just Saying.

C Double R

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It Takes More Than a Big D&#k to Keep a Good Chick!I

Ok, so I was on Facebook the other day and one of my friends had a conversation about the power of a woman’s sex. Basically he stated that just because you have good sex doesn’t mean that a man wouldn’t leave you or cheat on you. Boy, did this start a conversation. So of course the ladies responded by saying just because you’re well-endowed and can lay pipe in the bedroom doesn’t mean that a woman won’t leave or cheat on you either???

Look, maybe back in the day if a woman got sprung out on good sex that was a license for a man to do as he pleases because he knew she wasn’t going anywhere. Now fast forward 20 years later, most women don’t tolerate that bull, some even flip the script on men these days. If she has a man that can lay good pipe, but that’s ALL he can do, trust, she will have others to make up for his deficiencies. She will have one that can wine and dine her, one that will take her on vacations, one that will fix things around the house, and one that can offer to pay her bills. Notice how I said “offer” to pay her bills. Most women today can pay their own bills and are quite self sufficient, therefore, she doesn’t need a man to pay her bills, but will kindly take donations.

Nowadays women categorize their men like they categorize their shoes. If she feels like being wine and dined then she will call her Louboutin Man. If she needs to have something fixed around the house she will call her Timberland Man. If she feels like getting freaky she will put on her Come Freak Me Pumps and call her Freakum Man. Some women are quick to categorize a man just like men categorize women! So men, don’t think that just because you are laying good pipe that your woman won’t step out on you or close the door completely, WAKE THE FREAK UP IT’S 2012!!

Forget the 90’s woman and start thinking about the new millennium woman!! Yes, we are no longer staying on the porch, we are stomping with the big dogs! We are doing it for ourselves and doing it big by ourselves! So don’t let the well-endowed equipment that you have fool you, because if that is the only thing you are offering please believe she has you categorized as the Freakum Man and will only call on you when she is ready to get freaky, until then she will keep her Come Freak Me Pumps nicely tucked away in her closet!

I’m just saying…

C Double R!!

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