Friday, February 25, 2011

Falling in Love is More Exciting Than Being in Love

We all know how it is when you meet that special person, you can’t wait to call them, to see them, to touch them, to make love to them, just the mere mention of their name drives you insane. Even when he or she forgets to call when they said they would you don’t care, you’re just glad that they finally did call. Or when they cancel your date at the last minute, it’s all good because you know they will make it up to you next week. These are the things that we tolerate, or overlook when we are falling in love.

Once we are actually in love things are a little different. Falling in love is always a pleasure in process, being in love is always work in progress. Once you’re in love you’re less tolerant of the excuses, the missed calls and the cancelled dates. Being in love is more about making sacrifices and less about the euphoric feelings you had when you were falling in love. Being in love is about commitment.

Some may say it is easy to fall in love, but it’s much harder to stay in love. Once the novelty of the relationship wears off reality starts to kick in. Staying in love is hard work because you constantly have to think of new ways to keep the spark in the relationship, in and outside of the bedroom, which can sometimes become more of a chore than pleasure.

Everyone wants to fall in love, but does anyone really want to put in the effort to stay in love? Love is not a phase, love is life. When you accept love into your heart you’re accepting love into your life, which means you have to be prepared to take on the responsibilities of love. Love is being there when your partner needs you in the worst of time, not the best of times. Love is accepting your partner even when they change physically. Love is learning to accept your partner for their flaws and loving them the most when they deserve it the least.

If you are willing to take on these complexities of love then being in love may be as exciting as falling in love for you!

I’m just saying.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Are You Paying Your Dues or Being Used?

We all have to pay our dues in life, whether it’s to advance in our careers, deal with family issues or have successful relationships. In our careers we may have to work for free to prove ourselves in order to get the job that we want. When it comes to our families we may have to put other things on the back burner to make sure our home life is right. When it comes to relationships it’s a little more complicated.

We all make mistakes in life, especially when it comes to relationships. A good relationship is worth fighting for especially if you believe it is worth keeping. However, you need to differentiate when you are paying your dues versus to just being used. We all have been in the doghouse after we messed up in our relationships, but how long should you pay for a prior deed that you have repeatedly apologized for and not just with words, but with actions?

If your mate repeatedly brings up your indiscretions or your foul ups and tells you that she/he will never forgive you but remains in the relationship, most likely you are being used. If this is the case you may want to cut your losses, take this one on the chin and keep it moving.

If you have shown that you are sorry for your wrongdoings and your mate is moving forward and is trying to put her/his trust back into you again but as you on a short leash then you’re paying your dues. If you have to check in from time to time, leave your cell phone out where your mate can see who’s calling or be home at a certain time, this is called the “probational” period and don’t fret eventually all will be forgiven, but you have to put in the time first before this can happen.

Don’t continue to stay in a situation where you know you’re being used and not paying dues because eventually you will be playing the part of a fool!

I’m just saying!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Stay in Your Lane or Get Off the Track!

I wanted to write about this topic because there are a lot of people out there who like to dish it out but can’t take it. If you’re in a “situation” and both parties “know” about the situation and “agree” to the “situation” then there shouldn’t be any issues with the “situation”, right? Wrong.

I am always amazed when people say they can handle a casual situation because they know their role and play their position and they know how to stay in their lane. However, as soon as they find out that their mate has been playing the same game on a different track with a different drive it’s an issue.

If you both agreed that you all are not in a relationship, but have a situation there are unspoken rules, such as when I’m with you I am only with you, but when we’re not together I will do as I please. There is always one person in the “situation” who is cool with this arrangement when it applies to them but as soon as they find out that their partner is doing it, it becomes an issue.

So here’s my advice. If you can’t handle the consequences of the “situation” then don’t put yourself in the “situation”. If you do decide to put yourself in this “situation” make sure you stay in your lane and don’t ask questions that you are not ready to hear the answers to. Basically stay in your lane or get off the track. You knew what the rules were when you entered into this agreement so don’t acted so shocked when you find out that someone else is driving your car on a different track!

I’m just saying.

Friday, February 4, 2011

When You Fall For an Incompatible Sex Partner

Have you ever met that perfect guy? The guy that you have been looking for your whole life; he’s smart, sexy, funny, great job, your family loves him and he makes you smile every time you see him. You think he is the perfect guy until you are faced with having sex with him.

You have anticipated this moment for months. You have dreamt about this moment, you have fantasized about this moment, then the moment comes and it is nothing what you expected. There were no sparks, the sea didn’t part, the fireworks didn’t go off it was just bad sex! So now you are faced with the dilemma of deciding whether or not to stay in this relationship or give it up because of sexual incompatibility.

I must say, this is a difficult decision. Not too long ago I wrote an article entitled “Diamonds and Furs”. It was an article about women marrying men for money and not for love. This situation is different because the woman is in love with the man but there are no sparks in the bedroom.

My advice is to work it out! A good man is hard to find and especially one that you are compatible with in so many other ways. Bring sex toys into the bedroom, role play, try to be creative to bring that spark into you sex life. When all else fails seek professional help. Any relationship worth having is worth fighting for and keeping.

Ladies would you rather have an extraordinary lover that you don’t connect with in any other way or a man that you connect with on all levels, but just need a little tweaking in bedroom? You chose.

I’m just saying.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It Takes More Than Just Good Sex to Keep a Good Woman!!

Ok, so I was on Facebook the other day and one of my friends had a conversation about the power of a woman’s sex. Basically he stated that just because you have good sex doesn’t mean that a man wouldn’t leave you or cheat on you. Boy, did this start a conversation. So of course the ladies responded by saying just because you’re well-endowed and can lay pipe in the bedroom doesn’t mean that a woman won’t leave or cheat on you either???

Look, maybe back in the day if a woman got sprung out on good sex that was a license for a man to do as he pleases because he knew she wasn’t going anywhere. Now fast forward 20 years later, most women don’t tolerate that bull, some even flip the script on men these days. If she has a man that can lay good pipe, but that’s ALL he can do, trust, she will have others to make up for his deficiencies. She will have one that can wine and dine her, one that will take her on vacations, one that will fix things around the house, and one that can offer to pay her bills. Notice how I said “offer” to pay her bills. Most women today can pay their own bills and are quite self sufficient, therefore, she doesn’t need a man to pay her bills, but will kindly take donations.

Nowadays women categorize their men like they categorize their shoes. If she feels like being wine and dined then she will call her Manolo Man. If she needs to have something fixed around the house she will call her Timberland Man. If she feels like getting freaky she will call her Frederick’s of Hollywood Stilettos Man. Women are quick to categorize a man just like men categorize women. So men, don’t think that just because you are laying good pipe that your woman won’t step out on you or close the door completely, WAKE THE FREAK UP!!

Forget the 90’s woman and start thinking about the new millennium woman!! Yes, we are no longer staying on the porch, we are stomping with the big dogs! We are doing it for ourselves and doing it big by ourselves! So don’t let the well-endowed equipment that you have fool you, because if that is the only thing you are offering please believe she has you categorized as the Frederick’s of Hollywood Stilettos Man and will only call on you when she is ready to get freaky, until then she will keep you in that size 9 shoebox!

I’m just saying…

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