Sunday, April 4, 2010

Making the Right Investment

Do you ever wonder if you are making the right investment? We always try to make the right investment when it comes to our homes, jobs, financial future, but how often do we concentrate on whether or not we are making the right investment when it comes to our relationships?

When you meet a potential mate do you really ask yourself, is this person worth my investment? Investment meaning the time, energy, and effort it takes to make a relationship work. I think a lot of us try to turn a bad investment into a good investment even when we know we will never see a profit from it.

For instance, you know you are involved with a person who is a bad investment, but yet and still you stay in this relationship hoping and praying that this person stock will go up and you will finally start to see a return on your investment. WRONG!!! Listen if you’re involved with a grown ass woman or man who is not motivated then more than likely they will never be motivated. If you are with a person who you know is selfish, more than likely they will remain selfish. If you are involved with someone who doesn’t do it for you, but is a nice person, more than likely they will never do it for you. One thing I have learned with age and experience you can’t force a person to change or force a person to be something that they are not or someone that you want them to be!

I hate to say it, but as women we have the tendency to try to “create” that perfect man. We are always thinking that we can change a man, especially after the fact, like after we marry him. There is nothing wrong with making concessions, but we should not settle for someone in the hopes that we can change them so we can cash out on our investment.

Nine times out of ten we know when someone is a good or bad investment after a month or so from the time we start dating them. We may even know sooner if we learn to ask the right questions on the first date. If we stop focusing so much on the physical and start concentrating on the mental maybe we can stop making so many bad investments when it comes to our relationships.

Ladies another thing is stop trying to force a man into a relationship, especially when you know he is a good investment. Sometimes we meet people and the timing is not always right. However, if you know this man is a good investment, then befriend him first and stop trying to force him into a relationship, because sometimes long term investments are much better than short term investments, because sometimes in the end you get more on your return by just being patient!

I just saying..

C Double R!.


  1. So you're telling women to set a trap?? LOL. Fellas be on the lookout. I tried to warn you. They will "befriend" you and before you know it, the door snaps shut and you are in her clutches.

  2. @ Trueman, STOP!! I am not saying that. But what I am saying is that women need to learn stop pressuring a man to be in a relationship, just take it easy and try to "learn" the man first before you try to make him your man because after all is said and done you may not want him to be your man!