Monday, January 23, 2012

Drama is not Just a Woman Thing!

Have you ever noticed how when two women either argue or fight over a man the man seldom tries to break it up? Not only does he not break it up, he usually sits back and enjoys the show with a big cheese grin on his face as to say, “Damn, I have two women fighting over me. I am the man!” Yes, some men, just like some women, love drama!

I was watching a movie the other day and when the woman thought her man was cheating on her she was ready to go over to the other woman’s house and give her the business until her man was able to calm her down and convinced her that he didn’t cheat with the other woman. However, when he told the story to his boys he said it with a big grin on his face and said he thought it was sexy that his woman was ready to beat up another woman because she thought he had slept with her. May I ask what the hell is sexy about that? Please keep in mind, these weren’t teenagers either, these were thirty plus grown folks.

Another thing some men love to gossip too? You think not, well think again. Some men like to keep the drama going not only in their relationships, but also within their friendships too. Some men like to talk badly about their boys and spread gossip and rumors just like some women like to do. Men hate on other men just like some women hate on other women. This is not a gender thing, but an insecure, immaturity thing.

Usually when people like drama it’s because they have issues within their own lives or with themselves and want to spread the misery around to others. Some people love drama the way others love their daily dose of coffee. It gives them the jolt they need to keep them going throughout the day. Some people are actually addicted to drama. Their motto is “if it’s drama free then it’s not for me!” If you are a person who knows someone like this or is in a relationship with someone like this the best advice I can give you is cut your ties and quick because as the saying goes misery loves company. And if you don’t or don’t want to then maybe I just described you!

I’m just saying.

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