Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ladies, Stop Being the Pit Stop and Learn to Be the Final Destination When it Comes to Men

Some women constantly ask themselves how did I end up in this situation again. How come I am never the main woman, but always the side woman? I am a caring loving woman, but why do I always give my love to the wrong man? Because you ALLOW it! Period!

Only a fool will continue to make the same mistakes and expect different results. If you allow a man, or anyone for that matter, to take advantage of you then they will. We have to learn to man up and be a woman. We have to stop letting men mistake our kindness for our weakness.

Here’s a little advice, when you meet a man make sure you are asking the pertinent question, therefore if anything every pops up he can’t ever use that excuse “Well, you never asked!”. You should always ask a man from the gate these five important questions:

Are you Married?

Do you have a girlfriend?

Do you live with anyone?

Do you have any baby momma drama?

Are you bi, tri or straight?

If you ask these five important questions and the answers rolls off his tongue, whether you like the answers or not then that’s a good sign because for the most part at least you know he’s an honest man. If he hesitates to answers these questions, proceed with caution or turn around and walk away. This could mean he has something to hide.

However, if a man is straight up with you and tells you that he is married or has a girlfriend and you still get involved with this man than shame on you and you are free to label yourself a “pit stop”. A pit stop meaning he comes to you to replenish himself and to get re-energized so he can make it to his final destination, his main woman. You are solely a Pick-Me –Upper in route to the main destination.

So ladies, if you are tired of being a pit stop then stop allowing a man to refuel, get new tires and mechanical repairs and adjustments at your emotional and physical expense in route to his final destination.

I’m just saying.

C Double R!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Display what you say - so there is no room for doubt

Most people can talk a good game, but most people don’t display a good game. People can talk a good game from playing sports, cooking, work, and most importantly, especially when it comes to relationships. But the question is, “Are you really displaying what you’re saying?”

Most people will tell you what they think you want to hear just so there can get what they really want whether its sex, money, trips, shopping sprees or a place to shack up. Unfortunately, for some it’s all about “me, me, me” and not “us, us, us” and the unsuspecting person usually doesn’t find this out until after the other person has gotten what they wanted.

Read the signs people. It’s that simple. If someone is telling you that they love you, but not displaying it, more than likely they have a hidden agenda and only telling you what you want to hear. If this person is continuously disappointing you because they don’t display what they say and is always letting you down, more than likely they don’t care about you the way they claim they do. Unexpected things sometimes happen but when this becomes the norm it’s just an excuse for the person to get out of what they promised you when they never had any intentions on doing it in the first place.

When a person cares for you and loves you they will not only show it to you, but to the world. This article was actually inspired by a Facebook post. Case and point, a young man was repeatedly getting inboxed by a young lady whom already knew he was in a committed relationship but still continued to inbox him anyway. The young man became so frustrated he put her on blast on Facebook, but was kind enough to omit the young lady’s name. He kindly stated that he was happily in a relationship which was heading towards marriage and if she continued to inbox him he would reveal her inboxed messages to all his Facebook friends. This is of course, after he repeatedly told her he was not interested and he was in a committed relationship. This, my friends, is displaying what you say.

I’m just saying...

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Just because I am sexy doesn't mean you can sex me..

Just because I wear tight jeans that accentuate the roundness of my bottom, or a dress that compliment my curvy hips and thick thighs doesn’t mean I’m ready to jump in your bed. Just because I’m sexy doesn’t mean you can sex me!

I had a good friend of mine ask me to write about this topic. She wanted me to clear up the misconception of a sexy woman. Some men think just because a woman is sexy she is easy to sex. Now let’s examine the word sexy, shall we. There is a difference from being sexy and being trashy. A woman can be sexy in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. The jeans may be sexy because they hug her in all the right spots and the fitted tee shirt because it highlights her assets. She is being sexy without even trying and without exposing her skin. Trashy is when a woman is drawing attention to herself for all of the wrong reasons because she have damn near all of her orifices hanging out for the whole world to see. Ladies this is not sexy this is trashy.

As my homegirl Ms. Nikki said just because I am sexy doesn’t mean I want to have sex with you. I’m sexy and classy not sexy and trashy. I’m sexy dressed up or down. I own sexy where others have to lease it with an option to buy.

So guys learn to differentiate sexy classy from sexy trashy and once you recognize the difference make sure your game is tight if you want to be with Ms. Right. If your game is weak then you may end up with the freak of the week!

I’m just saying

C Double R!

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Time to get rid of your bad habits

As we start the New Year we often think about new resolutions to achieve for the year. We make resolutions to get rid of our vices from stop smoking, losing weight, living a healthier life, saving money, finding a new job and buying our dream home. But how many of us make resolutions to improve our personal relationships?   How many of us make a vow to get rid of our bad habits when it comes to our relationship?
Ladies you know what I’m talking about, that bad habit that you just can’t seem to shake. He’s about 6’1, gorgeous smile, handsome, dark and has incomparable skills in the bedroom, but outside of that he’s pretty much useless to you. But for some reason you can’t seem to shake him.
Fellas, what about your bad habits? She’s build like an hourglass, face of a top model and looks great on your arm but outside of that she’s just a damn liability? However, you continue to keep her around because she’s a great trophy in the public’s eye.
As we get older and start to realize that life is more than great sex and a pretty face we are less likely to partake in these kinds of relationships. We may entertain them once and a while but less frequently and for a shorter amount of time. This is when we realize that relationships are more about compatibility and sustainability.
When you realize that you have more years behind you than in front of you this is when you start to get serious about whom you are willing to spend the rest of your life with or at least learn what things you are willing to tolerate and the things that you are not.
Since we are still in the first week of the New Year it is still time to revise your resolutions and start getting rid of those bad habits that you weren’t able to shake in the past. Ask yourself is this someone I can see myself getting old with or someone who will be there for me when I deserve it the least but need it the most? You know the answer.
I’m just saying.
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