Monday, July 22, 2013

Is being attractive a double edge sword?

Is being attractive a double edge sword? On one hand having good looks can open many doors for opportunities. It could possibly get you free entry into events, clubs, free dinners, drinks, hired and even a promotion. But on the other hand it could create unwarranted enemies and perhaps a misconceive notion about you.

For attractive women, especially single women, being attractive can definitely be a good thing. Attractive women are very often wined and dined, taken on vacations, have personal handy men and are lavished with gifts. However, this could create tension and jealousy with other females, who we will say, are not as attractive. They will often be shunned from other women who have boyfriends or husbands; they are hated on by other women and often referred to as “stuck up” by these women. Perceived notions are developed very quickly when it comes to attractive women. They are often called spoiled, conceit and superficial even before they are able to reveal their true personality.

It’s a little different for men. I had men tell me they often use their most attractive male friend to reel in the women in the club, bar on while on vacation. Men actually use their most attractive male friend as bait to get women whereas women usually ostracize other attractive women for one of two reasons. One, because they feel inferior or because they are attractive too and don’t want to compete for attention from men.

So there you have it folks. Being attractive has both, pros and cons. However, if you are an attractive person don’t let other people thoughts and attitudes toward you make you become someone that you are not. If you got it going on then you got it going on and consider it a blessing!

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