Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why pay for tuition when you can get free schooling?

If you had an opportunity to receive a free quality education as oppose to paying for it would you take it? Of course you would. However, education is not always in a classroom setting, sometimes education is all about the education of life experiences.

If you had an opportunity to learn from someone else’s mistakes to avoid making those mistake yourself why wouldn’t you pay attention? If a wise person offered you free good advice why wouldn’t you take it? Some people rather pay a high tuition as oppose to accepting a free quality education. Why is that? Some people just like wasting money, even when they can’t afford it.

My advice is, if you can get a free life’s lessons- learned Harvard education take it! Why would you put yourself in debt when you are offered free life’s lessons from seasoned professors? Sometimes we are so caught up on our own wants and needs we don’t see the big picture which may cause others to get hurt. Stop being an absentee student and come to school and pay attention when the teacher is teaching.

If someone is giving you advice based on their own experiences and they can see that you are about to go through, currently going through or have the chances of going through the same experiences make sure you pull out your notebook and take notes because I guarantee you at the end of the day there will be a test. It’s up to you whether or not you pass.

I’m just saying.

C Double R

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bills Not Paid, But I Look Good! – Ghetto Fabulous Chick!

This is the woman that has the latest designer fashions, always taking trips, and going out spending money frivolously. On the outside one might envy her and think she got her stuff together, but little do they know! This is the chick that is constantly getting shut off notices for her utilities, maxed out credit cards, and possibly eviction notices. Now, I am not saying all Ghetto Fabulous Chicks fit this description, but a fair amount does.

The Ghetto Fabulous Chick is mainly concerned with her physical appearance and keeping up with the Joneses. Her top priority and job is to look fabulous when she steps outside. She can’t find money to pay her electric or gas bill, but she can find money to buy that Gucci bag. Some Ghetto Fabulous Chicks will live at home or with friends and family members because she prefers to spend her money on the latest fashion trends and not on rent or mortgage.

She craves attention and hate competition. If another woman gets more attention than she does in a public place she will try to do something to divert the attention away from the other woman and onto her. She may openly flirt with the men in the room, or prance around the room to get noticed. Hell, she figured if I took this much effort to look this good then damn it all eyes better be on me.

She may sometimes over do it. She may have a Gucci bag, YSL sunglasses, and Prada shoes. Or she may have a Gucci Hat, Gucci eyeglasses, a Gucci logo shirt and Gucci shoes. Basically, designer overkill, she wants everyone to know what designer she is wearing or carrying 24/7. She usually has the flamboyant nails and toes to match. She may wear big gaudy jewelry and colorful hair with two or three different shades.

How can you detect if you meet a Ghetto Fabulous Chick. Well without stating the obvious, it she has a new car and the gas tank is always on empty, that’s A Ghetto Fabulous Chick. If you go to her house and she has a bunch of shut off and final notices lying around, that’s a Ghetto Fabulous Chick. If she is carrying a $400 handbag with no money inside, that’s a Ghetto Fabulous Chick. If she is always fly and broke, that’s a Ghetto Fabulous Chick. If she always wants to go to fancy restaurants and never offers to pay, that’s a Ghetto Fabulous Chick. Fellas, these are all key signs of a Ghetto Fabulous Chick.

Some men are attracted to this kind of woman because they know she is fly and an attention getters. She will definitely seek attention anywhere she goes. However, Ghetto Fabulous Chicks tend to be needy women. They are always asking or begging a man to buy them this or that or to take them here or there, but never buys the man anything or take him anywhere. You ask why, because her ass is broke! This is a woman who lives way above her means. She is all about herself and if she has kids sometimes she put her desires and wants before her kids.

Another sign is, if this woman is always fly from head to toe and her kids have on run over shoes and shabby clothes, this is definitely a Ghetto Fabulous Chick, not to mention an inattentive mother .

Fellas, please take notice when you meet this kind of woman. Let’s not forget the sex! Oh, she will try to get you caught up with the sex. She will try her best to put it on you so good that you keep coming back for more, all the while she is sticking you for your paper. If she is fine and have a great body she will definitely use that to her advantage, because she knows she is your eye candy and in order to keep her you have to shower her with gifts.

She also likes to brag alot. She likes to let others know how much she paid for this and that and what car she drives and how many trips she’s taken and give you the location of each one. She usually lives in the hood, projects or subsidized housing this is why she is called the Ghetto Fabulous Chick. Her only aspiration is looking good at any cost. Ordinarily she doesn’t plan for the future and live day by day, she loves living in the moment. She usually dates thugs or men she knows that can afford her bad habits because obviously she can’t.

Men, so remember the BBD song “Poison” never trust a big butt and a smile because it will get you caught up every time. However, if this is your type of woman then go for it, I just hope you have a lot of money or ready to go for broke!.

I’m just saying..

C Double R!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Are You Paying Your Dues or Playing the Fool?

We all have to pay our dues in life, whether it’s to advance in our careers, deal with family issues or to have a successful relationships. In our careers we may have to work for free to prove ourselves in order to get the job that we want. When it comes to our families we may have to put other things on the back burner to make sure our home life is right. When it comes to relationships it’s a little more complicated.

We all make mistakes in life, especially when it comes to relationships. A good relationship is worth fighting for especially if you believe it is worth keeping. However, you need to differentiate when you are paying your dues versus to just being used. We all have been in the doghouse after we messed up in our relationships, but how long should you pay for a prior deed that you have repeatedly apologized for and not just with words, but with actions?

If your mate repeatedly brings up your indiscretions or your foul ups and tells you that she/he will never forgive you but remains in the relationship, most likely you are being used. If this is the case you may want to cut your losses, take this one on the chin and keep it moving.

If you have shown that you are sorry for your wrongdoings and your mate is moving forward and is trying to put her/his trust back into you again but has you on a short leash then you’re paying your dues. If you have to check in from time to time, leave your cell phone out where your mate can see who’s calling or be home at a certain time, this is called the “probational” period and don’t fret eventually all will be forgiven, but you have to put in the time first before this can happen.

Don’t continue to stay in a situation where you know you’re being used and not paying dues because eventually you will be playing the part of a fool!

I’m just saying!

C Double R!

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Can Mr. Wrong finally be Mr. Right?

Ladies have you ever met a man who was everything you said you would never date but end up falling for him anyway? It’s funny how our priorities changes as we get older. I believe it has a lot to do with age, life and experiences. If you’re a professional woman, perhaps 10 years ago you could never see yourself with a blue collar man. Or if you’re a “good girl” you could never see yourself with a man with a “bad boy” reputation. Why 10 years later these men are now options to you?

As we grow and go through life experiences and mature the things we use to say we would never do we somehow find ourselves doing them with people we never imagined ourselves doing them with. The older you become the more you realize that everyone has a past, and sometimes not all good, but those experiences help shape them into the people they are today. Sometimes in life it is all about timing.

Just as you are not the person you were 10 years ago, most people aren’t the same people they were ten years ago. Most people grow and learn from their experiences which help them to evolve into the person they are today. Some people have to go through a metamorphosis stage in order for them to become the person they want to be in life. Unfortunately, sometimes to achieve this life goal some people have to go through some bad experiences in some cases that person may have been the bad person. But who are we to judge? All good bad have some bad in them and all bad people have some good in them it’s up to them to determine which one they want to be remembered as.

So before you ask yourself why is she with him, he’s a bad boy or why is she with him, he’s a trash man, you may want to ask yourself I wonder what it is that keeps them happy and together? You never know why two people are brought together in life. Could it be to learn and growth from one another? We will never truly know. But know this, sometimes things are just unexplainable and just are, just because they were meant to be.

I’m just saying.

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C Double R!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When You Fall For an Incompatible Sex Partner

Have you ever met that perfect guy? The guy that you have been looking for your whole life; he’s smart, sexy, funny, great job, your family loves him and he makes you smile every time you see him. You think he is the perfect guy until you are faced with having sex with him.

You have anticipated this moment for months. You have dreamt about this moment, you have fantasized about this moment, then the moment comes and it is nothing what you expected. There were no sparks, the sea didn’t part, the fireworks didn’t go off it was just bad sex! So now you are faced with the dilemma of deciding whether or not to stay in this relationship or give it up because of sexual incompatibility.

I must say, this is a difficult decision. Not too long ago I wrote an article entitled “Diamonds and Furs”. It was an article about women marrying men for money and not for love. This situation is different because the woman is in love with the man but there are no sparks in the bedroom.

My advice is to work it out! A good man is hard to find and especially one that you are compatible with in so many other ways. Bring sex toys into the bedroom, role play, try to be creative to bring that spark into you sex life. When all else fails seek professional help. Any relationship worth having is worth fighting for and keeping.

Ladies would you rather have an extraordinary lover that you don’t connect with in any other way or a man that you connect with on all levels, but just need a little tweaking in bedroom? You chose.

I’m just saying.

C Double R!

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