Friday, March 19, 2010

Why Do Women Love Men in Uniforms?

Ok, I must say there is something about a man in a uniform. It could be a military, police, fire, or pilot uniform. I think it is all about the “representation” of the uniform. No seriously think about it, when a man wears a certain kind of uniform we “expect” a specific expertise from this man and usually it has something to do with safety that make women feel secure with these kind of men.

Security is one thing that all women look for in a relationship. It could be physical or financial, but all women want to feel some sense of security when it comes to their man! Hell, I know I do. I don’t want to be with a man who I have to second guess when it comes to security. When you see a pilot in uniform you know he is going to fly the hell out of that plane, because that’s what he’s been trained to do. If you see a police officer in uniform you know he will chase a thug down if your purse is snatched, because he has been trained to protect and serve.

Men in uniforms just make a woman feel like she is with a man’s man, which most women not only find attractive, but downright sexy! No offense to the bankers, accountants or attorneys because personally I think intelligence is a whole other level of sexy. However, in society it is all about perception and men in uniforms have the perception of being “Captain Save Me” to most women and that itsh is sexy!

Now again, we are only talking about “perception” people and we all know perception is not always reality. Just because you’re a policeman doesn’t mean you can’t be a punk ass, I’m just saying. And just because you’re a fireman doesn’t mean your ass is not afraid of fire, hey you could have signed up for the job because you needed a job, feel me. But again, when that man put that uniform on we tend to think he is that uniform that he has on.

I say, to each it’s own, we all have something that we are attracted to when it comes to the opposite sex. For men, it might be long hair, a big booty, light eyes, or a nurturing woman. For women, it could be height, income, a man who knows how to serve them in the bedroom, or a man in uniform. So I ask you, “What do you find sexy in the opposite sex, or for some, the same sex?”

I’m just saying..

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  1. I understand and agree. I love a woman in uniform. When I'm at the strip club and I see a woman in clear heels, I know she's a professional. I know she's had years or training and is an expert at what she does. I know I will leave well entertained.

  2. @ Trueman you know you aint right.. lol..

  3. That man is not in uniform and I can’t stop looking at him. Lately, I’ve been staring at men who are fully clothed, not wearing uniforms and gorgeous. [fanning face ;-D]

    Maybe women do feel more secure with a man in uniform. I say get to know him as well as you can BEFORE sexing up with him.

  4. Benefits. Job security.

  5. Benefits. Job security.

  6. Whatever floats your boat but, it still comes down to the man in the uniform. A cute face and round ass will get my attention any day but its what’s between her ears and her character that really count. just my 2 cents.