Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Is Texting Hurting Your Chances at a Relationship?

As our society continues to change so does the way we communicate. But the question is, is it for the better or for the worst? Do you miss the good old days when someone you were interested in called you and you would get excited when their name would pop up on the caller id? Or go back a little further and remember the days when you would get home and you would have a message from that special someone waiting for you on your answering machine. Are those days now obsolete? We currently live in an age where everything is communicated via text even in the work place. I remember when my new coworker sent my boss a text to tell her she wouldn’t be in that day. I thought that was so inappropriate to text your boss to tell them you weren’t coming to work but little did I know that would be the “new” form of communicating to our boss. We are slowly but surely losing the “true” form of communication. The “personal” element of communication is being lost in the form of texting. Now don’t get me wrong, texting is great if you want to send a quick message but it should never take the place of a meaningful phone call nor should it be the primary source of communication, especially when you’re trying to get to know someone. Texting can also be viewed as a slippery slope. You can very well text someone while participating in “behavior” you should not be taking part in all the while giving off the illusion that you are solely thinking about the person you are texting. Hence, if your significant other calls you and you don’t answer because you’re doing “something” that you know you shouldn’t be doing you can text them back and say “I’m in a meeting. I’ll call you when I get out”. In this scenario, you have satisfied your significant other (to some degree) because you acknowledged the call and stated why you couldn’t answer and will call them back as soon as you are available. It’s a slippery slope because in all reality you could really be in a meeting and your significant other may think otherwise. My advice is if you’re truly trying to get to know someone you should put forth the conscience effort to at least call more than you text. Most importantly don’t hold long in depth conversations via text messages. Some of us truly do like the good old days when we could hear someone’s voice and listen to the inflections in their voice which would give off signs of how they truly felt when they said something, unlike a text message that can be misconstrued because you can’t put emotions into a text message. Bottom line… pick up the damn phone! I‘m just saying.. C Double R Make sure you pick up a copy of my erotic suspense novel REACTIONS on www.cdoubler.com or on Amazon. If you would like for me to write about a specific topic or have a question or comment please email me at cdoubler2@gmail.com