Friday, April 9, 2010

When Women Cheat

Ok, ok, ok we all know women are emotional creatures and men are physical creatures, I believe I have reiterated this a hundred times already. So my question for the men is, “Can you forgive your woman if you found out or if she admitted that she cheated?” I want you to let this question marinate in your mind for a minute before you respond.

When a man cheat it’s like eating a piece of cake, it was good while it lasted but once it’s gone it’s gone! If a man could cheat everyday and knew he could get away with it then damn it he probably would! Again, it is in a man’s make up to be a physical creature. I think this is why a significant number of women forgive their man when he cheats, especially if he is a good provider, because most women know the pickings out there are very slim when it comes to finding a good man. And as I stated in a previous article most men will not leave their woman no matter how good the side sex is, because in their mind it’s just a good piece of side ass.

Now let’s flip the script and discuss why women cheat. Most women cheat because they are trying to fill a void in their current relationship. It could be the lack of communication, attention, or affection. And unfortunately, most men prey on this and play up to this when they meet a woman who they know is missing something in her relationship.

This man will do all that he can to fill that void because once he does he knows he has her right where he wants her, in his bed! Oh, he will wait and be patient too. He will be that ear that she needs when her man doesn’t want to listen to what she has to say. He will compliment her to make her feel sexy when her man doesn’t. He will be her best friend and once he knows he has her where he wants her “in that comfort zone” dude will go in for the kill. Most women, sometimes including myself, doesn’t recognize this game that men play, well not initially, then when we do recognize this game we will do either one of two things.

One, we will keep that man “in the friend zone” or we will give in. Most women give in not because we appreciate the man so much, but because we appreciate the attention from the man so much! And men know this and that is why it is much harder for a man to forgive his woman for cheating as oppose to a woman forgiving her man for cheating. Most men know once they lose their woman emotionally it is very hard to reel her back in, so that’s why most men just say the hell with it and just walk away from the relationship completely. And if they do stay they will always feel that sense of betrayal from their woman because they know that emotional sex is much worse than physical sex and this can really mess up a man’s psyche.

I hate to say it, but in a lot of cases women cheat because they feel neglected, so men if you stay on your job then maybe your woman wouldn’t cheat on you, whether it’s emotional or physical cheating. I will tell you just let you all like to tell us, the same things you did to get me will be the same things you need to continue to do to keep me!

I’m just saying..

C Double R!


  1. You are on point. What is worse is that the woman may fall in love with the other man. I don't think Tiger fell in love with those skanks.

  2. @ Kofi, glad to see you on the blog. I am glad you finally agreed with me:)
    Thanks for blogging...

  3. Are you a man in a beautiful disguise? :-)

    You are just giving away all our secrets. Men are hunters and will seek out easy game. Like shooting fish in a barrel when you hear "he just doesn't understand me."

  4. @ True Man no I am not, but maybe that's why I am singled because I can read thru yall bullsh%t!! But I have to keep it 100%!!

  5. There is absolutely a lack in the life of a woman who cheats. Men, should know that if your wife is begging for attention; Wearing new clothes/styles and you don't notice...someone else is and will. These men don't seem to understand that they are exposing their women to additional pain and hurt because of their complacency.

  6. @ Tsingle You hit the nail on the head girl, " Men, should know that if your wife is begging for attention; Wearing new clothes/styles and you don't notice...someone else is and will."

    Thanks for blogging girl!

  7. This is an amazing analysis of what truly "IS"... I have not had the luxury of reading a summary so accurately touching all bases in one sitting. I am definitely paying this forward!

    Signed, Mia