Sunday, July 26, 2009

You Complete Me - Need a Man Chick

This is a woman looking for a man to complete her. She doesn’t understand that a man should be an addition to, not a completion to. She feels like if she doesn’t have a man then her life is not complete. She has very few requirements when it comes to a man. If he has two arms, two legs, a face and a penis, then she will take him.
This is the type of woman who will support a man, visit him and marry him in prison, stay with him even if he abuses her verbal and/or physically. This is the woman who is just proud to say she has a man. She is also the kind that constantly talks about her man, my man this and my man that, all the while her friends are looking at her like she is a damn fool. Oh she knows deep down inside her man aint shit, but at least she has one. She also likes to brag about her man to her single girlfriends especially the attractive ones, basically to say I have a man and you don’t!

She is the kind that will tolerate almost anything. If she found her man in bed with her sister, mother or brother she would probably stay with him. This is the woman that would stay with her man even if he asked her for a threesome and he starts seeing the other chick on the side. She would make herself a lesbian for this man if he asked her to. She will move her man into her house after two weeks of dating and think nothing of it. She would serve her man shrimp for dinner while her kids eat oodles of noodles. She will wait on him hand and foot even after working a twelve hour shift.

I Need a Man Chick is sort of like the Ride of Die Chick, but on a much lower level. Even the Ride or Die Chick has her limits and most importantly, self respect. This chick doesn’t know what a limit is or self respect!

This is a woman who has very low self-esteem and often thinks she is not worthy of a good man so any man that pays her attention will do. She could be a woman that was teased growing up, obese, called unattractive by others, or even abused as a child. Therefore, her self-esteem was just sucked out of her and she doesn’t have the strength to try to regain it.

This type of woman can come from any socio- economical background. This could be a well–educated woman, a hood woman, or a middle class woman. I have a girlfriend who is very attractive, good job and have plenty of common sense. However, she has been seeing someone in the entertainment industry and she allows and accepts his shit because she is so in “awe” with this guy. Now this guy was in a group that was extremely popular in the late eighties early nineties, but hasn’t done shit since then. But because he is still well known from being in the group I guess she feels like she is dating a celebrity and boy does she pays for it. She has confessed to me that this guy has slept with her cousin, disrespected her in public in front of her friends and family and she still continues to see him. This is a woman that has experience true heartbreak from a man that she was truly in love with and ever since then she has not been right since. She has not been in a “real” meaningful relationship since.

If a single woman constantly talks about past relationships and can’t focus on the present, this could be a sign of I Need a Man Chick. Men, if you meet a woman and she constantly asks you questions about you and doesn’t want to answer any questions about herself, this could be a sign. Also, if she projects a low self-esteem this is a key sign. Most of these women are all about pleasing a man at any cost. She will pay for the dates, give money she doesn’t have, participate in sexual acts that she is not comfortable with, all to make a man happy.

This kind of woman does not know herself worth. She doesn’t realize she is a diamond in the rough. This is a woman who wants to be loved so bad that she will forfeit our own happiness for it. She believes she is worthless without a man. My motto is if you can’t be happy with yourself what makes you think that someone else will be? We have to learn to love ourselves first, and learn to enjoy our own company before we start inviting others into our world.

Most men take advantage of these kind of women because they see them as an easy target. Unfortunately, most men actually prey on these kind of women and use them for everything that they have. In the beginning they will make the woman think that they are really into them. Make them think that they are the most beautiful creature in the world just so they can continue to use her. Because she is such an easy target this is not a hard thing to do.

So men, if you happen to meet a woman like this and if you chose to use her instead of helping her then you are only perpetuating her ill image of herself and basically need your ass whipped!!


  1. Girl I love the blog, the topics are so true.I know a lot of females who forget they ever had lives when they enter into a relationship. They loose their identity trying to do and be everything for their MAN!!

  2. Chanel I think you are on to something.

  3. I think it's perfectly natural for a woman to "step back" and let her man lead. There's nothing wrong with that. MORE women should be that way.

  4. In Response to Anonymous 7/27/09 9:55pm: This type of woman is not stepping back she is taking herself out of the picture completely. She is looking for man to "complete" her. She doesn't recognize that a man is "an addition to" not a completion to. You are confusing her with the Ride or Die Chick. Read it and tell me what you think? Thanks for the response.

  5. I think there are a whole lot of women out there that are looking for a man to complete them. I had a girlfriend jokingly tell me one day that she said to her man " u didn't become the sh*+ til u pulled me by your side so recognize". Although its funny, you have to understand the twisted truth behind it. Women say they can't find a good man because they don't hold themselves in a high enough regard. U get what u give. Now don't be snooty but @ least know what ur deserving of. I agree with this posting C Dbl R. U speak the truth.