Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I’m Your Bonnie, You’re My Clyde - Ride or Die Chick

Now this is a chick that every man wants by his side. I also called this chick The Mary Jo Buttafucco chick. This woman caught a bullet to the head, which is still lodged in her head today, by her husband’s teenage lover and she still went to bat for his cheating ass. She actually stayed with him for years after the incident until she finally got tired of his philandering ways and decided to divorce him. But this woman took a bullet, literally, because of this dude and stood by his side everyday in the courtroom to show her support for her cheating husband. Now, that’s a true Ride or Die Chick.

This is the kind of woman that will not get shook when she finds out that her man is cheating, or when her man loses is job or go to jail, because regardless what everybody else sees she only sees the man that she loves.

I knew a young lady whose man was in the game hard. He had a reputation throughout the city. Now this dude was every bit of 300 pounds, but he was a sharp dresser, and really fly and when women saw him they saw dollars signs, so he had his choice of women. One day we were having a conversation about our men. I must admit, back then I didn’t understand the definition of a Ride or Die Chick, but I understand it now. I said my man had a curfew, if he didn‘t make it home before the sun the bedroom door was locked and he couldn’t slept in the bedroom. So she turned to me and said, “My man doesn’t come home for days sometime, but I don’t get upset. My man takes really good care of me and my kids, and I understand the game.” At this time, I am a buck in my twenties and I couldn’t believe my ears. I was thinking to myself damn you’re a dumb ass. But now I understand the true definition of a Ride or Die Chick.

Other women may look at this woman as a stupid woman. Stupid for staying with a man that cheats on you, disrespect you, and verbally and or physically beats you. This is a type of woman that has a bond so strong with her man that it’s hard for some people to understand or comprehend their relationship. She takes a lot of criticism from friends and family members for staying with a man that they don’t think is worthy of her.

The Ride or Die Chick is truly a ‘we’ person not a ‘me’ person. “We” as in, if it affects you then if affects me and therefore it affects “we”. When it comes to her and her man she will do almost anything to make sure her shit stays together. She will make many concessions for her man, without a fuss. She knows are place and plays her position well. She lets her man be a man and do not try to out shine him. She is his biggest fan and support system. She has a ‘It’s gonna be what it’s gonna be’ attitude when it comes to her man.

She usually don’t let others sway her, she is truly her own woman, even though others may not always see her as her own woman. She thinks very highly of her man, which can sometimes cause friction between her and her friends and family. This is why she tends not to speak ill of her man in fear of having to defend her actions. This usually happens after constant complaining about her man to others and receiving feedback saying she should leave him, and don’t. So to avoid the drama she doesn’t complain as much and keep her relationship between her and her man.

Unfortunately, initially there aren’t really no tell-tell signs in regards to a Ride or Die Chick, only time will tell if a woman is truly a Ride or Die Chick. If you’re with a chick and you are down on your luck and she takes the baton and starts running, then she’s a Ride or Die Chick. If she catches you cheating, and still stays with you, then that’s a Ride or Die Chick. If she goes to bat for you and defend you in front of others, that’s a Ride or Die Chick.

One caution about a Ride or Die Chick is that she may not let go when you’re ready to call it a wrap. She will fight to the bitter end, this is where things can get sticky. If this woman is not ready to call it quits she will not give up without a fight. You can cheat and lie and she won’t leave you and if you try to leave her she won’t let you leave, well, at least, not without a fight, which could cause embarrassment for you and possibly for her as well. See, her thinking is, how can you leave me after all the shit you put me through.

But for the most part, most men love a Ride or Die Chick, because basically they have the best of both worlds. If they take care of home and keep their woman happy almost nothing can break up their union, or so they think. This is where alot of men tend to take advantage because he knows no matter what he does she won’t leave. But word to the wise, everybody have a breaking point, even a Ride or Die Chick. So men, if you think it is sweet like that, think again.

Women are truly emotional creatures, so if she feels a deep emotional connection to you that’s a bond that supersedes almost anything else. But once a woman loses interest in a man she tends to back off. If the man is providing for her, whether it’s financially or sexually then she may stick around for that purpose alone. If this becomes the case, some women may step out on you, but continue to keep you satisfied, this is called flipping the script. So you may think you have the best of both worlds and so can she. However, if this is truly a Ride or Die Chick, no matter what she do or what you do, she will ride it out to the bitter end.

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