Thursday, July 30, 2009

Only Requirement, Must Be Married - Only Date Married Men Chick

Fellas, have you ever had that perfect chick on the side? You know the kind that only date married men? Don’t act like you never heard about this chick, or better yet like you never slept with this chick. Come on, let’s keep it real? I know several men who only deal with this type of woman, as their side jawn.

This is the kind of chick that will not pressure the married man that she is dealing with. She respects his space and knows her place and everything is all good to her. Think about it, most men in this situation in the beginning thinks, “ Damn this is cool. I get to see her, take her out, take mini trips (when I can get away), get some nookie, and no strings attached? Damn, I hit the jackpot.” Yeah this is what you think until she flips the script on your ass.

Most fellas think this is a sweet deal until they get all caught up. Yeah I said it, CAUGHT UP! Fellas, do you really think this woman is sitting by the phone waiting for you to call while you’re home with your wife and kids? NOT! Do you really think she is saving all of her loving just for you? Hell no, aint no Whitney Houston popping with this chick. While you’re home with your wife and kids she out enjoying another woman’s husband. Oh yeah, this women is a habitual dater of married men. So while you all are out there living in “It’s sweet like that land” she is giving her attention and loving to the next married man.

This is a woman who is either afraid of commitment or a woman who has a Fuck it attitude about men. This attitude usually is developed after a woman has been repeatedly hurt by men. This is the woman who probably once in her life was the most caring, committed woman in the world when it came to relationships. But after being dogged out time after time by no good men she decided to say fuck it and use them for all that she can. So for all of you married men who is dealing with this kind of chick don’t think you are the only one, because trust, you are not!

Most women who only date married men are usually cool about the arrangement, but I must warn you, so women do it strictly for revenge and will try to fuck your shit up! They will describe the whole interior of your house to your wife, for those of you who are dumb enough to bring another woman to your home. Describe every part of your body, especially your penis! She will recall dates and times that she know you told your wife you were doing something else, like working late, hanging with the guys, or on a business trip. Oh yeah, there are some devious, evil, only married men dating chicks out there who will wreck your shit if you let her!

Now on the flip side, some men get caught up too! The problem is men don’t like the thought of any women that they are dealing with, and especially have feelings for, fucking another man, or even keeping another man’s company. See, this kind of woman is cool like that, she has a “do you” kind of attitude because she has conditioned herself to be this way. Most men can’t handle this and become possessive forgetting the fact that he has a wife and kids at home. When a man is caught up, this kind of shit will drive him crazy and then he starts doing crazy shit to match his crazy thoughts. Like midnight drive-bys, calling 30 times a day, and questioning her every move.

Unfortunately, I have a friend who worked with a husband and wife, and everyone knew that the husband was cheating on the wife. Everyone loved the wife at work and couldn’t stand the husband because they knew what he was doing to her. This man had a baby on his wife and the wife was woman enough to accept the child and in addition to that, he was also seeing another woman with whom he became obsessive over. When this woman tried to break it off with him he went to her home and shot and killed her in her car while she was getting ready to take her daughter to school. So word to the wise, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, literally.

So to the ladies and the men who like to get down in this way, watch what you do to others because the shit might come back to bite you on the ass or worst!

C Double R


  1. So you did like the topic. I wanted you to speak on it because there are so many of our Sistas out there that are confused. They convince themselves to think that they will not get hurt and constantly saying things like "I don't care I love that he has a wife,I can send his ass home to her and do not have to wash nobody's drawers but my own. Then they try to convince you that they are fine on holidays when he has to be with the family etc. I know a few woman like this and I always try to get them to see that HE AINT LEAVING HIS WIFE!!!!!

  2. Absolutely.. This is definitely a deal breaker for me. Period. Girl I told you I already had this topic cover. I have several types of women that I haven't posted yet. These are actual excerpts from my book: The Pocket Guide To Help Men Understand The Crazy Ass Women in Their Lives!"