Sunday, July 12, 2009

It Is What It Is - Keeping It Real Chick

This is the woman that most men have as a buddy or a homie, lover, friend because she likes to give it to you straight, with no chaser. Basically she keeps the shit real. Men like to have this type of woman as a friend because she can give him advice about women with no holds barred. She doesn’t sugar coat anything she speaks her mind regardless if it offends someone or not. This is where the problem lies with this type of woman.

Say you’re in the bed getting busy and you think you’re putting your thang down and she stops because she says you just don’t do it for her. She would probably ask you to leave and never call your ass again. Other women may fake an orgasm or talk dirty in hopes this will help you climax quicker. This is why most men choose to keep this kind of woman as a buddy or a homie, lover, friend. Another thing about the Keeping It Real Chick is that she can also be embarrassing. Hey if she got to let one loose, she will regardless where she’s at, or if she doesn’t agree with what you have to say she will definitely let you know. She can also be combative because she doesn’t know how to back down or sugar coat.

She can be an asset too. Say you just met a woman that you are feeling and think you may have a future with this woman and you tell the KIR ( Keeping It Real) Chick, if she knows anything about this chick that she thinks you should know, good or bad, she is going to let you know. This is a good thing because she can give you the female perspective about your situation. Remember men are from Mars and women are from Venus. So basically, what you are probably thinking is probably ass backwards. So if you can’t handle the truth or is not prepared for the truth, then don’t ask for it, because you will get it whether it’s painful or not.

This type of women can come from any social-economical background. She’s just a woman that speaks the truth and doesn’t give a damn if someone doesn’t like it. She tends to have few friends, because most people, specifically women can’t handle her banter and strong opinions. Very few men can handle her because she may be too much to handle in certain situations, which can be down right embarrassing for the man.

She can also kick it with the dudes when it comes to candid talk about sex. She can be quite explicit as well. Some men find this as a turn off because most men think women should be a lady in public and a freak behind close doors and that’s where the freak should be kept. Most women when they are horny may beat around the bush with their man, a KIR Chick will just straight ask, “Are we fucking?” And if so, she will tell you just how she wants it. If she wants you to spank her then she will let you know. Now this part of the KIR Chick most men like. They may not like her boldest in other situations, but find it a turn on when it comes to sex.

She is also the kind of woman that keeps a reserve. She will always have a Fallback Guy she can call when she is in need. When no one else is around to fulfill her needs she will call the fallback guy to serve her. The Fallback Guy, is not her man, he could have been in the past or he could strictly be a homie, lover friend dude. The Fallback Guy is usually a dude that’s been around for years, but understands the situation, basically he knows his role and plays his position.

If you’re the kind of man that likes to keep a woman in her so-called place, this is not the woman you what to mess with. She will give you a run for your money, and trust me you will probably go for broke. Usually this is the kind of women who grew up or hung around a lot of males. But in some cases this is a woman who in the past has been dogged out by men and developed a “fuck it” attitude towards men. She speaks her mind and says what she wants and if you can’t handle it then that’s your fucking problem, not hers.

So, you ask how can you detect this kind of woman. Fellas, if you meet a chick and she doesn’t decline to answer any questions that you may ask on the first date, no matter how explicit, she’s a Keeping It Real Chick. If you take her to a restaurant and the waitress ask how is the food and she says the shit is awful, that’s a Keeping It Real Chick. Again, if you’re having sex and if you’re not big enough, or not getting the job done, and you ask her how she likes it, be prepared to hear the truth. Hey just keeping it real.

Don’t get me wrong, she can be a good friend to have, because at times we see the truth and know the truth, but don’t what to acknowledge the truth, she will help you do just that. For instance, I use to work with a young lady who boyfriend lived in Los Angeles and she was living in Philly with their son. Every time she would try to call to talk to him he would always come up with an excuse not to. Every time she would try to come out to see him, he would make an excuse for her not to come. So after months of hearing her complain about this man the KIR Chick just blurted out, “He’s fucking someone else.” Everyone couldn’t believe she said it even though everyone else was thinking it, but didn’t have to guts to tell her. Of course, she cried and didn’t believe it, and moved out to California and got her little feelings hurt.

Again, it takes a special kind of man to handle, or it least, contain this kind of woman. You have to be able to take it straight with no chaser even when you really don’t want it. You have to be prepared for the unexpected when it comes to what may come out of her mouth, whether it’s privately or in front of a group of friends or strangers. Every man needs a KIR Chick in their life. She is the type of woman that you can kick it with, talk to, get advice from and maybe a little nookie if you become her Fallback Guy. Hey, if you can handle this, then you are prepared for the Keeping It Real Chick.


  1. Now that's what I call Keeping It Real...

  2. This is sooo true. Every man likes a KIR, but every man can't handle one. Most men would rather not hear the truth....

  3. Ride or Die chicks dont always have to be homie lover friends they can progress to wifey ans all dont take cheating but instead gives the man no reason to cheat but in turn gives him respect, trust and loyalty

  4. In response to Anonymous comment 7/12/09 7:30 PM: You are confusing The Keeping It Real Chick with The Ride or Die Chick. Ride or Die is definitely wifey material. The Ride or Die gives her man trust respect and is definitely loyal.