Thursday, June 10, 2010

C Double R! Live on The Dedan Tolbert Show explaining the Three Stages of Men!

If you missed this hot topic show " The Three Stages of a Man According to C Double R!" please click the link and listen to C Double R! keeping it real on The Dedan Tolbert Show!


  1. Fe Trent:

    Good show!

  2. Tondi DeShields:

    Girl you are doing great! Two people can have difference of opinion. You are speaking the truth

  3. Ernest McManus June 10 at 8:07am Good show. You held your own being the only women on the show. Also not sure if you realize, when dedan ask other people questions he states his opinion then says "i know you agree with me, but you explain". which causes the person to agree with his statement and explain. Disagree with the whole if you sleep with someone in 2 weeks she can't be wifey. Wifey material is a connection you have with a person over time, your ability to respect each other, communicate, things you have in common, ect. sex is just a part of that, but if that's the only thing she is bringing then thats where the problem lies. Enjoyed the show and good luck Chanel.

  4. Pleasure to listen to you. I posted my comments on Dedan's page