Friday, September 25, 2009

Whatever You Do I Can Do Better- The Me Too Chick!

Hey Fellas, have you ever met that woman who no matter what you tell her she can always top your story? If you say, I had an issue at work today, and she says me too and 20 people got fired behind it! If you say, I am not feeling well, and she says me too, I had to be rushed to the emergency room with a police escort today! Or if you say that you got a lot going on right now and she says me too, my little brother has cancer, mom just got ran over by a bus, and I just found out that my uncle is my father! It’s like whatever you are going through, no matter how big or small it is, she is going through the exact same thing, but on a much deeper level. You can’t even gripe in peace or alone for that matter.

Her issues always gotta be much bigger than the next person. If you said you ran 3 miles, she’ll say she ran 5 miles. If you said you’re planning a trip to the island, she’s planning a trip to Paris, knowing damn well her ass aint going nowhere outside of the city, let alone the states, but she just gotta do one better than you. In the beginning you didn’t realize that she was this type of woman. You probably thought damn this woman just have bad luck, good luck or whatever, but after awhile you’re like wait a minute, this bitch is crazy! Then you start asking yourself, was she neglected as a child, was she the ugly child no one wanted to play with, or did she always wanted to be an actress, but couldn’t cut it?

Then the crazy part is she forgets her damn lies. When you ask her about her brother with cancer she looks at you like you have twelve heads then she says what brother I don’t have no brother. When you ask her about her trip to Paris, she always comes up with excuses to postpone it. Or when you ask her about her uncle/father she says she never met her father and you’re like WTF!!

So now that you know this woman craves attention you just like fucking with her. So you start telling her crazy shit like, I am going on this special assignment for my job where we have to inspect the moon. Then she comes back with, “Me too, they are offering that same program at my job and I signed up for it” Or you tell her that you starred in commercials when you were a kid and she says, “I was a child actor too”, and you’re thinking to yourself that’s why you’re so fucked up!
Don’t get me wrong she can really be a sweet person, but just a person that craves attention. Most men are willing to tolerate this kind of fictitious behavior especially if she is giving them good sex. Shit she can claim to be Beyonce’s cousin who sings background as long as she is doing her thang in the bedroom, shoot she can be Harriet Tubman reincarnated.

The point is, some people crave attention so bad that they will do and say anything to get it. To me this is a key sign that something is truly missing in this person’s life. Which brings me back to be true to yourself, and if others don’t like it then to hell with them and just do you! If people can’t accept you for who you are then do allow them to accept you at all!
I’m just saying…

C Double R.

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