Saturday, March 30, 2013

Foreplay in the Club - Turn On or Turn Off?

This question is for both the men and the women, “Do you have a problem with your mate going to the stripper club as a form of foreplay?” I have been told several times that this is one of the best places to have foreplay because once they get home it is on and popping.

When I say foreplay, I don’t mean physical contact or sexual activity in the club, but the visual effects of it all. I have been told that it arouses the sexual desires to have sex with their mate. REALLY?? Some women will disagree with this logic. Some women feel as though if you want to be sexual aroused then it is their job to get you to that state, not some random chick you wish you could bang! I personally don’t have a problem with my man going to the club and hanging out with his boys, do you, but make sure you’re not doing anyone else in the process, you feel me?

Some women think this is just some malarkey that men (and some women) use as an excuse to go to the club and fantasize and unfortunately sometimes do more. The point being, when your mate comes home and you all are getting busy, who are you really thinking about, the stripper on the pole, or your mate? Please don’t answer that question, but in some cases I think I know the answer.

True story, I have a friend who said for her man’s birthday she took him to a strip club and for his gift, well let’s just say she had a female stripper do things to her that pleased her man so much that when they got home that night they had the best sex ever. Now, I think this is a whole other topic to blog about separately, but apparently couples do this kind of thing to add spice to their sex life.

So do you oppose your mate going to the strip club to get his/her foreplay on? Do you encourage or discourage it? Do you participate and go with him/her? Do you find it sexy or demeaning, or perhaps insulting?

I personally rather pull out the stilettos and the one piece and star in my own show from start to finish I don’t need an opening act, I like to be the only star of the show.

I’m just saying…

C Double R!

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