Friday, March 1, 2013

Act Like a Lady But Be a Freak in the Bedroom

We all heard of the saying you can’t make a freak into a wife, but you can definitely make a wife into a freak. Let’s keep it real people, men love an uninhibited woman in the bedroom. Most women don’t realize their sexuality until their mid to late thirties or early forties, in some cases, never!

The sex novelist Zane said she realized she was a sexual person at a very early age in life, that’s very rare, especially for a woman. She said she embraced her sexuality very young and always enjoyed sex. Growing up most women are told to act like a lady, ladies don’t do that, let him take control when it comes to sex. So when a woman wants to get “buckwild” in the bedroom most of the time she doesn’t because she is constantly thinking about all of the things that she was told as a young woman.

I believe the older a woman becomes the more in tune she is with her body and because of that she is more uninhibited in the bedroom when it comes to sex. She knows how to please her man and is not afraid of showing it.

A mature woman knows and accepts that she has sexual desires, just like a man and it isn’t unlady like to express those desires when it comes to your man, it may even help you keep your man! A man loves a woman who embraces her sexuality and doesn’t hold back in the bedroom. Men love when their women take control in the bedroom and ladies if you only knew the power you had in the bedroom, you would embrace your sexuality with the quickness!

So ladies, I demand you to embrace your sexuality and show your man what you’re working with. Live out your fantasies, your wildest dreams and turn your man out!!

Because if you don’t step up your game in the bedroom he might find another player to substitute you!

I’m just saying!

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