Thursday, January 24, 2013

Display what you say - so there is no room for doubt

Most people can talk a good game, but most people don’t display a good game. People can talk a good game from playing sports, cooking, work, and most importantly, especially when it comes to relationships. But the question is, “Are you really displaying what you’re saying?”

Most people will tell you what they think you want to hear just so there can get what they really want whether its sex, money, trips, shopping sprees or a place to shack up. Unfortunately, for some it’s all about “me, me, me” and not “us, us, us” and the unsuspecting person usually doesn’t find this out until after the other person has gotten what they wanted.

Read the signs people. It’s that simple. If someone is telling you that they love you, but not displaying it, more than likely they have a hidden agenda and only telling you what you want to hear. If this person is continuously disappointing you because they don’t display what they say and is always letting you down, more than likely they don’t care about you the way they claim they do. Unexpected things sometimes happen but when this becomes the norm it’s just an excuse for the person to get out of what they promised you when they never had any intentions on doing it in the first place.

When a person cares for you and loves you they will not only show it to you, but to the world. This article was actually inspired by a Facebook post. Case and point, a young man was repeatedly getting inboxed by a young lady whom already knew he was in a committed relationship but still continued to inbox him anyway. The young man became so frustrated he put her on blast on Facebook, but was kind enough to omit the young lady’s name. He kindly stated that he was happily in a relationship which was heading towards marriage and if she continued to inbox him he would reveal her inboxed messages to all his Facebook friends. This is of course, after he repeatedly told her he was not interested and he was in a committed relationship. This, my friends, is displaying what you say.

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