Thursday, March 31, 2011

Work Spouse or Code for Secret Lover?

This is a phrase that is overused in today’s workplace. When some opposite sex employees work closely together they have the tendency to call each other “work spouse”. Mmm, what exactly does that mean? Does the work wife pack the work husband’s lunch, give him massages when he’s tensed, or is this a woman that he disagrees with so much it feels like he’s working with his wife?

I think people should really examine this phrase before they use it. Now let’s flip the script. What if your spouse came home and said, “Babe, let me tell you what my work spouse did today that pissed me off.” How would you feel about this statement?

Wife and husband are two words that should not be used lightly, so why are people so carefree to describe their coworkers with these words? Are these words used in a jokingly way or a subliminal way? So the next time you chose to call your opposite sex co-worker your “work” spouse really think about how that makes your real spouse feel. Or is it another reason why you refer to this person as your “work spouse”?

I know in majority of cases it is a term used in a jokingly way, but it may not be so jokingly to your co-worker’s real spouse, just something to think about before you start using this term so loosely.

I’m just saying.

C Double R!

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