Saturday, April 16, 2011

Should What Happens on Vacation Stay on Vacation?

When you take a vacation with your boys or girls the ultimate goal is to have fun, right? But what if you’re married or have a mate at home when is fun too much fun? When we take a vacation with our buddies we tend to acquire the attitude of what happens on vacation stays on vacation. Some have the tendency to get a little crazy and have the mindset of “these people don’t know me” to justify their crazy, sometimes, unethical behavior.

So the question remains should what happens on vacation stay on vacation? In my opinion it all depends. If you are single and you don’t have a significant other at home then what you do on vacation shouldn’t necessary have to stay on vacation. If you meet someone and you have a connection with that person then it’s not a problem if you all exchange numbers to try to get to know one another better. However, if you’re on vacation and you are married or have a significant other at home there is a line that should be drawn when you’re on a getaway with your girls or boys.

It’s cool to hang out with someone you meet on vacation such as having drinks, dinner and dancing, but what happens on vacation should stay on vacation, point blank period! At the end of the trip there should not be any numbers exchanged, no Facebook, Tweet requests or anything that will keep the lines of communication open with that person. The reason being is if you keep the lines of communication open with this person you are opening the door to potential possibilities that could have serious repercussions. So ask yourself are you willing to take that risk on someone that you just met and happened to spend a couple of fun days with?

It’s all in fun when you are just having fun in the moment when you are married or have a significant other at home, but it turns into something more risqué when you continue to keep the lines of communication open with someone you met on vacation, especially if you had a connection with this person.

So keep it simple. Have fun, enjoy yourself, hell reinvent yourself if you like, but at the end of the day just remember what’s important at home.

I’m just saying.

C Double R!

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