Saturday, March 26, 2011

Is Your Fantasy Your Reality?

I had a reader ask me this very question. He said he overheard his wife and her girlfriend discussing their fantasies and some of them were to have sex with a strange man. He wanted to know are they just fantasies or is this something that women eventually act out? Well, that depends on the woman.

Most women fantasize, but most women don’t act out their fantasies. A lot of women live vicariously through other people or things to fulfill their fantasies. They could live them out by watching porn, through their girlfriend’s sexual escapades, erotic books or by being a voyeur.

Believe it or not, your wife’s fantasies could add a little spice to your sex life. She could act out her fantasies by role playing with you. You could be that tall dark stranger that she fantasizes about and have the best sex ever.

So men don’t hate, participate, help your wife act out her fantasies to ensure that she doesn’t try to act them out with someone else. The mind is a power thing and just because we think about something doesn’t necessarily mean that we will act it out. Sometimes it’s refreshing to live vicariously through our fantasies, we all do it and we all have them.

However, if your mate is not sexually satisfied and continuously have an insatiable desire for sex, this can increase the probability of her acting out her fantasies with a stranger. Communication is key. Talk to your mate about her fantasies, ask her why they turn her on and try to help her live them out, with you. You may discover something about your mate you didn’t know before and like it! Better yet, you may discover something about yourself and love it!

I’m just saying.

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