Saturday, December 4, 2010

Is Cheating a Choice, Not a Promise?

I was watching a movie the other day that was about a woman who had a 10 year affair on her husband. She made a statement in the movie that really resonated with me because it made me pause the movie and write the statement down. She asked her husband if he ever cheated on her and his response was he made a promise that he would never cheat on her. Her response was cheating is a choice not a promise. I wrote down that statement immediately because it really made me wonder is that really true? She went on to say no one can ever really make a promise that they wouldn’t cheat because one never knows how the heart may connect with another. WOW!

I was actually taking aback by that statement, but the more I analyzed it I found some legitimacy to that statement. It actually made me think of the song by Babyface and Pebbles “Love Makes Things Happens”. It’s a song that describes how one can never know when they may fall in love with someone even if they are already taken. It’s a verse in the song that says:

There's never a time

'Cause love will let you know

Love appears at the worst and even the best of times

Takes over your mind

Your heart is not your own

There's no way of controlling love

It controls your life

This leads me back to the question, “Is cheating a choice and not a promise?” Is there a way to control love or to avoid complicated love? Does the heart have a mind of its own? I know these are philosophical questions, but legitimate questions. I personally believe there is always a small window of opportunity everyday to make ourselves susceptible to a stranger’s love every time we walk out the door, turn on the computer or pick up the phone.

Is love controllable? That is a question for the experts to answer. However, I believe we all are responsible for our own actions. With that being said, I believe love can be suppressed especially if your heart already belongs to another. It is up to you to decide whether or not to take the road of the unknown. Love is powerful, but the brain is even more powerful. In some cases it’s better to think with your mind and not your heart.

I’m just saying.

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