Friday, December 17, 2010

Keeping it Real – When Does It Turn Into Arrogance and Rudeness?

I am not a fake person. So basically, I am not going to hang around you, if I am not feeling you. I am not going to smile in your face then talk itsh behind your back, I just won’t mess with you. Period! Some people don’t understand that and mistakenly take that as being arrogant, but it is what it is with me. Question: why would you ask me to be your Facebook friend and when I see you face to face you barely want to speak to me? WTF? Are you kidding me?

Now I don’t go overboard with it. I am not mean about it, I am just truthful about it, For instance, I have a friend and he told me he met this woman that he was obviously attracted to, or else he would not have tried to crack on her. So while they are having a phone conversation she suggested that he gets an apartment in her part of town, since he is from out of town and could afford to do so, he immediately blurts out “Oh no, I don’t do the hood”. He told me he hasn’t heard from her since. Now to me, that is being insensitive. He could have explained it in a better way why he didn’t feel comfortable getting an apartment in that part of town instead of being so blunt.

I know how to get my point across most of the time without being insensitive. Sometimes you may have to tweak your response so you don’t come off too harsh, but at the same time the person understands what you are saying. I believe it is a difference between sugar coating and carefully choosing your words. Again, sugar coating is for food not conversations.

I don’t like it when keeping it real turns into arrogance and rudeness. Now in some situations you do have to dig into your rude bag when the person just don’t want to get the point after you repeatedly stated your case. But those are in extreme situations.

And on another note, stop requesting things from others when you aren’t practicing those same needs for yourself. Another example, the same person who said he doesn’t do the hood also is very adamant about just dating dime pieces, not just the physically the whole package. She must be fione, built, educated and independent, but most importantly she MUST be a trophy on his arm. Now this brotha is not a bad looking guy, but could stand to lose about 30 pounds in his stomach alone and maybe a little dental work as well. So my point is don’t request and expect what you can’t offer yourself, especially when you have the means to do so!!!

Real relationship talk!

Hell, I am just saying…

C Double R!

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