Thursday, November 18, 2010

Scary Inconsistencies at U.S. Airport Security Checks


I had to write this letter because I am very troubled when it comes to the US airport security procedures. I have traveled several times in the last month for business, carrying the same personal items each and every time (cocoa butter, facial wash, and facial cream). The first time I traveled my co-worker had her mouthwash and hairspray confiscated. I went through the detectors without a hitch, leaving and returning.

The second trip I had the same items that I always have (cocoa butter, facial wash, and facial cream), leaving I went through security without a hitch. However, returning was a whole other nightmare. First, I had to go through the body scanner (no problem), get patted down (no problem) then my bag was searched, problem. No private room, just out in the public’s view for everyone to watch, my personal items was taken out of my bag, swabbed and my cocoa butter and facial wash was confiscated because it was more than 3 ounces.

Here is where I have a problem; I have been traveling with these same items every time I go to the airport. My question is, “Why is it that they were only confiscated now and not the numerous times before?” There are HUGE inconsistencies when it comes to US airport security. I have no problem with the body search or the body scanner, but I do have an issue when there are enormous inconsistencies when it comes to items being approved, checked and/or confiscated.

Now here’s the part that is going to blow you away (no pun intended) after going through the thorough search of my bag please explain to me why my facial cream, which was more than 3 ounces, not confiscated? So even when US airport security call themselves doing a “thorough” search by going through each item in your bag, they still neglected to confiscate items that are not allowed in carryon bags. I don’t know about you America, but I am scared to death when it comes to the US airport security. Another thing you have to think about is the “quality” of people that they hire to do this job. What really are the requirements? A high school education and a clear criminal background check? Let’s not get into the training issue.

So just to close out my horrific tale, I get on the plane and a woman who doesn’t speak English is in my seat. She checks are ticket, right seat, wrong plane JSMH (Just Shaking My Head!). Can someone please explain to me how this woman was able to get on this plane and none of the customer service reps didn’t notice she was getting on the wrong plane?

After 911 you would think the government would have trained professionals (military and or US agents) working at the airport when it comes to security. If the government can stick its nose into other industries to make them better, such as bailing out big corporations and banks, then why can’t the government stick its nose in when it comes to security at US airports?

I would like to have an experiment done where people intentionally put liquid or creams in their carryout bags that are more than 3 ounces and see how many of them get their bags checked, just to prove my point. Because currently it’s been 1 out of 4 times and the one time my bag was checked it still wasn’t properly checked.

Very Disturbed,

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