Monday, February 22, 2010

When the Side Alley Cat Fights Back- Side Chick Rules

Let me start off by saying I do not co-sign or condone this kind of situation but I must speak on it.

I a lot of fellas get caught up with the side kitty cat and forget to keep the litter box clean which can cause a stinky problem for their main chick. I have three brothers so I am always in the company of men and sometimes I sit around and listen to their “male” conversations with their boys. So one day the conversation came up about “side jawns” (women that attached men mess with on the side). One of my brother’s friends has the tendency to get caught up with the physical when it comes to his side jawns without fully assessing the situation. The only thing he thinks about is how sweet the kitty is and not about the mental state of the woman. So after going on and on I had to add my two cents to the conversation. I just simply stated “Whatever woman you decide to make your “side jawn” you better make sure that she has just as much to lose as you do! Point. Blank ,Period.” My brother simply said that’s good advice.

Here is a man who has everything to lose, but he decides to mess with a woman who has nothing to lose. So what do you think she’s going to do when things go to the left with their relationship? She is gonna try to fuck up his shit!! Shit, she doesn’t have anything to lose. She don’t have a man, she’s not living with nobody. She doesn’t own a house, or car with anyone, she is free to fuck up your shit and walk away unscratched! Meanwhile, you’re in divorce court, kicked out of your house and paying child support and alimony!

So the moral of the story is (if there is one in this case) and again I do not condone this kind of behavior, but if this is something that you do or must do you better think hard about your selection and choose wisely. Because the last thing you need is an unhappy side kitty cat that scratches back!!

I’m just saying..

C Double R!!


  1. Good one and I agree she better have something to lose as well. Lots of times my "friends" tell me of the vicious things they have thought of doing to their add-ons but they had to stop and think because their shit would have been wrecked too.

  2. I agree with you Chanel. Your side jawn has to be independent,and have as much to lose as you. That way she is not calling on birthdays,holidays, ect, and understand and accepts the limits of the relationship. All this said it still doesn't mean someone is not going to get caught up because we are human and there is something you like/love in that person that you are missing/ attracted to, which is why it started in the first place.

  3. @ Anonymous #1 - That's right, think before you sink!!
    @ Anonymous #2- you do have a valid point there. And that's why you must be wise when making these kinds of decisions because we all are human and we can get caught up but that doesn't me we want to get fucked up!! In the process