Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Set Realistic Goals not B.S. Resolutions for the New Year!!!

Resolution is defined as a firm determination. Meaning you are determined to lose 40 pounds, you are determined to find a new job, you are determined to step up your game this year, etc. Note to self, if you have been making the same resolutions every year and not accomplishing them then the likelihood that you are truly determined is non-existing. Basically you are bullshitting yourself into believing the hype. What do you think, the Resolution Fairy will fly down and grant you your wishes? Wake the hell up people!!! If you want to make something happen then you have to make it happen!! Period!!

A resolution is more than just writing things down on a piece of paper then tucking it away in a safe place hoping that things will change on there own. Resolutions consist of not only writing down your goals, but having a plan for your goals; steps on how to achieve these goals are a must. I have been writing down my goals since 2005 and setting up a plan to achieve these goals, and I must say I have achieved every goal I have set out to do since 2006.

I think if you are truly passionate about what you want to achieve you will find a way to make it happen. You have to get out there and make it happen. If you don’t achieve your goal the first time you set out to do it doesn’t mean give up on your goal and stop trying to achieve it. If you believe it and can see it then damn it you can achieve it! Stay focused and make sure you have a solid plan to achieve your goals. They may not happen when you want them to happen, but I guarantee you if you stay focus it will happen.

You just have to believe and stay focused. And people please make reasonable and obtainable goals not some fairytale itsh! Like I want to meet and marry a millionaire, I want to win the Powerball, or I want a Bentley when you make 30k a year. I mean, seriously! STOP!! Be realistic and really think about what you want out of life and go out there and get it. Let’s make 2010 the most productive year of our lives, that’s what I am aiming for.

I’m just saying!!!!

C Double R


  1. You said a lot...and it was all good :-). Have a Happy Holiday season.

  2. ahh at last TrueMan completely agrees with me, what is the world coming to? LOL. You have a safe and happy Holiday season as well.