Friday, November 6, 2009

Simple Question- Why Do Men Cheat?

I have my own reasons and opinions, but I like to hear from both men and women then I will give my opinion on the subject? PLEASE DON'T HOLD BACK, give it to me unadulterated, and pure?


  1. Bill Kerns:
    Men cheat because it's exciting. The thrill of it. They don't think they'll ever get caught but they always do. Men love 'strange'. We always will.
    Women, however, cheat because they believe the bullshit of the guy who's really only doing it for the above reasons. Women cheat, get attached, and give themselves away. You can read it in their face. It is also my experience that men take the news of their woman cheating much, much harder than the woman does.

  2. Kevin Garland:
    Simply put. Two reasons. Because they can or they're not getting what they need at home. Every other reason falls in one of these categories. The pure unadulturated trurh.

  3. @ Bill, Wow!! I am impressed. You're right I also believe men cheat because of the "strange" factor. My motto is "Men have an insatiable desire for variety when it comes to women. Period".
    @ Kevin ok I agree to a certain extent, how do you define the men that cheat who is getting everything they need at home and knows that their women is not going to tolerate the cheating shyt?? This leads us back to my motto, right????

  4. Kevin Garland:
    Yeah.......u are absoltely right. But for those cats, it's just like I said they just can. They don't think about the consequences. It's the I gotta hace it syndrom. Do I still got it mentality. Still uner the "I can" umbrella. Botton line is if some won't put up with it, some will. Even some will forgive for a time. But that's another blog for ... Read Moreanother day. No I don't cheat, but I have. Too much to lose, plus it's just not right. Maybe it's like the old lollipop commercial, "The world may never know."

  5. Kevin Garland:
    Bill my man! I like the strange piece. But you had me on a ride with you answer. I'm one of those "Stay on the subject cats" You answered like five different questions. Or you answered many potential questions. Either way, Interesting!

  6. @ Kevin, thanks for being truly honest and keeping it purely unadulerated:)

  7. You know I'll give you the real talk.

    We cheat because we love you and it makes us appreciate you more...hear me out.

    A strong relationship is like cheese pizza. It's always good, but it's plain. Plain ol' cheese pizza.

    Every once in a while, we go and get a slice of pepperoni pizza on the side. It's spicy and new, but pepperoni pizza isn't always good. Sometimes the pepperoni is too tough or too salty. Sometimes it's chewy. We don't always like it.

    That makes us think about how much we love plain cheese pizza. Because even though it's plain, it's always good for us and good to us.

    Feel me?

  8. However, a lot of times women forget that the same things you did to GET a man are the same things you have to do to KEEP him.

    If you were a freak when yall met, if you gotta keep going. You can't just stop. Your man is already used to the freakiness. You must give him a life time supply of the freakiness from here on out.

  9. @ True Man-Mmmmm, sounds like you are co-signing my theory. Men have an insatiable desire for variety when it comes to women. Interesting???

  10. Yes. But a lot of dudes mess up and get caught with the side jawn. I'm giving them the Side Piece Rules of Engagement. Check it out when you can.

  11. True Man, I will do, just let me know where to go.

  12. Angela Burton Rice:
    Hey Chanel,
    To give their ego a boost.
    For the "thrill" of it.
    Just couldn't resist because he was thinking with the wrong head.
    "Because they can" type of attitude... Read More
    The bottom line is monogamy is choice and a commitment one has to make with another.

  13. Bill Kerns:
    Kevin, if you know me you know I'm always all over the map. I've cheated and been cheated on. For someone to be with me they gotta put up w/ someone they've never experienced b4 and never will again. I've found that everything they like about me is everything they eventually hate about me. They cheat and then find that I don't care anymore and ... Read Morethey try to get me back but it never works. Good dialogue here. Here's my bottom line. Woman love attention and cheat for the wrong reasons. Men cheat simply for strange. We don't turn stuff down. No one, man or woman, can handle that your partner found someone better than you. I don't believe anyone has the whole package that I provide. So if you cheat on me, F you! Your loss. Don't come crying to me later. Chanel has never given me the opportunity to cheat on her. Actually, she's never given me the time of day. Her loss.