Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Crossover Chick – The “Me” Chick

Fellas, have you ever met that cool ass woman? Attractive, independent, down to earth, gets along with everybody and young women look up to her. She is admired by other women and men. She has been through it all, but here she stands, tall and dignified, looking flawless. When you meet this woman you can’t understand why she is single. She has everything to offer, but for some reason no one has scooped her up. Is it because she set her standards too high? Is it that she is just too damn busy for a relationship? Is it because she hasn’t met a man willing to keep it 100% real? It could be one or it could be all of the above reasons.

Fellas listen to me, for I am the woman that I just described. Most women who fit this classification are just tired. Period. We have experienced the high and the lows, the good and the bad, and we have to fight for everything we have with tooth and nail. When you constantly have to battle for everything it becomes a daunting task just to put yourself out there just to met another brotha who refuses to keep it 100% real.

When I do meet a man the first thing that I am asked is, “Why are you singled?” My truthful answer is probably because I haven’t met anyone that gets me. Period. I guess I am a cross between the Independent Chick, Keeping it Real Chick, and when I am in a relationship I will definitely be the Ride or Die Chick. It’s amazing sometimes when I met guys and I let them know from the gate that I don’t do lies. If you are married, broke, live with your momma and have three kids, or gay, I want to know. See Fellas, most of you have that bad habit which is a fatal flaw, LYING! Believe it or not most women want to know the truth, but very few can handle the truth, it’s a difference. I have been told I am a rare breed because I want to know the truth and I can definitely handle the truth. See, because at this point the man is giving me the option, not forcing me into a situation unbeknownst to me. I can truly appreciate a truthful brotha; in fact, I find that down right sexy. Now just because you are truthful don’t mean we are going to hit it off and run off and get married, but it lets me know that you’re a brotha that can put it out there no holds barred and let the chips fall where they may. The problem is, most men will and have tried to test me and they found themselves cut, with the quickness. Oh yeah, I have met the ones who tried to play the games and found themselves on the outside looking in. I have zero tolerance for the lies and the bullshit. If I keep it real with you, I expect for you to keep it real with me.

So you ask, “How do you know if a woman really wants to know the truth?” Test her. If she says she doesn’t mind that you have 5 kids then let her meet your 5 kids and take a day trip and you will know if she is straight up. If she says she doesn’t mind that you’re unemployed, time will tell if this shit really bothers her. If she says she doesn’t mind that you have the body of Atlas, but your penis hangs like a light switch, you will know, trust, a woman can only fake so many orgasms. And if after all of this, she doesn’t change then she is a woman who really wants to know the truth and can handle the truth. Again, this woman is a rare breed, but they do exist.

I believe your experiences in life, along with age, molds what type of person you will eventually become in life. I am a realist and allergic to bullshit. I am also very in touch with my woman’s intuition, that’s definitely a gift from God. I can get a vibe about a man almost instantaneously; maybe that’s why I’m single. (Smile).. So fellas, I say this to say if you are truly feeling a woman and truly want something to happen with this woman, then keep it real! If she is the one for you then she will be the one for you, regardless what you tell her, as long as you keep it real. I know plenty of men thinking about coulda, woulda and shouldas, because they couldn’t keep it real with their lady.

Men, there are women out there who want to know the truth and can handle the truth, the question is, are you willing to offer the truth?

Food for thought.


C Double R.


  1. Channel I don't know I guess you described me to. That is one thing I always tell men why not just be HONEST it is up to the woman to accept or not accept whatever the truth is. In addition we are all grown just tell your partner whatever it is and work from there. Men always think it is okay to lie and play games,but I'm just not into the nonsense. I have no time for games. I love this post. Keep doing what you do.