Sunday, September 16, 2012

Can Mr. Wrong finally be Mr. Right?

Ladies have you ever met a man who was everything you said you would never date but end up falling for him anyway? It’s funny how our priorities changes as we get older. I believe it has a lot to do with age, life and experiences. If you’re a professional woman, perhaps 10 years ago you could never see yourself with a blue collar man. Or if you’re a “good girl” you could never see yourself with a man with a “bad boy” reputation. Why 10 years later these men are now options to you?

As we grow and go through life experiences and mature the things we use to say we would never do we somehow find ourselves doing them with people we never imagined ourselves doing them with. The older you become the more you realize that everyone has a past, and sometimes not all good, but those experiences help shape them into the people they are today. Sometimes in life it is all about timing.

Just as you are not the person you were 10 years ago, most people aren’t the same people they were ten years ago. Most people grow and learn from their experiences which help them to evolve into the person they are today. Some people have to go through a metamorphosis stage in order for them to become the person they want to be in life. Unfortunately, sometimes to achieve this life goal some people have to go through some bad experiences in some cases that person may have been the bad person. But who are we to judge? All good bad have some bad in them and all bad people have some good in them it’s up to them to determine which one they want to be remembered as.

So before you ask yourself why is she with him, he’s a bad boy or why is she with him, he’s a trash man, you may want to ask yourself I wonder what it is that keeps them happy and together? You never know why two people are brought together in life. Could it be to learn and growth from one another? We will never truly know. But know this, sometimes things are just unexplainable and just are, just because they were meant to be.

I’m just saying.

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