Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bills Not Paid, But I Look Good! – Ghetto Fabulous Chick!

This is the woman that has the latest designer fashions, always taking trips, and going out spending money frivolously. On the outside one might envy her and think she got her stuff together, but little do they know! This is the chick that is constantly getting shut off notices for her utilities, maxed out credit cards, and possibly eviction notices. Now, I am not saying all Ghetto Fabulous Chicks fit this description, but a fair amount does.

The Ghetto Fabulous Chick is mainly concerned with her physical appearance and keeping up with the Joneses. Her top priority and job is to look fabulous when she steps outside. She can’t find money to pay her electric or gas bill, but she can find money to buy that Gucci bag. Some Ghetto Fabulous Chicks will live at home or with friends and family members because she prefers to spend her money on the latest fashion trends and not on rent or mortgage.

She craves attention and hate competition. If another woman gets more attention than she does in a public place she will try to do something to divert the attention away from the other woman and onto her. She may openly flirt with the men in the room, or prance around the room to get noticed. Hell, she figured if I took this much effort to look this good then damn it all eyes better be on me.

She may sometimes over do it. She may have a Gucci bag, YSL sunglasses, and Prada shoes. Or she may have a Gucci Hat, Gucci eyeglasses, a Gucci logo shirt and Gucci shoes. Basically, designer overkill, she wants everyone to know what designer she is wearing or carrying 24/7. She usually has the flamboyant nails and toes to match. She may wear big gaudy jewelry and colorful hair with two or three different shades.

How can you detect if you meet a Ghetto Fabulous Chick. Well without stating the obvious, it she has a new car and the gas tank is always on empty, that’s A Ghetto Fabulous Chick. If you go to her house and she has a bunch of shut off and final notices lying around, that’s a Ghetto Fabulous Chick. If she is carrying a $400 handbag with no money inside, that’s a Ghetto Fabulous Chick. If she is always fly and broke, that’s a Ghetto Fabulous Chick. If she always wants to go to fancy restaurants and never offers to pay, that’s a Ghetto Fabulous Chick. Fellas, these are all key signs of a Ghetto Fabulous Chick.

Some men are attracted to this kind of woman because they know she is fly and an attention getters. She will definitely seek attention anywhere she goes. However, Ghetto Fabulous Chicks tend to be needy women. They are always asking or begging a man to buy them this or that or to take them here or there, but never buys the man anything or take him anywhere. You ask why, because her ass is broke! This is a woman who lives way above her means. She is all about herself and if she has kids sometimes she put her desires and wants before her kids.

Another sign is, if this woman is always fly from head to toe and her kids have on run over shoes and shabby clothes, this is definitely a Ghetto Fabulous Chick, not to mention an inattentive mother .

Fellas, please take notice when you meet this kind of woman. Let’s not forget the sex! Oh, she will try to get you caught up with the sex. She will try her best to put it on you so good that you keep coming back for more, all the while she is sticking you for your paper. If she is fine and have a great body she will definitely use that to her advantage, because she knows she is your eye candy and in order to keep her you have to shower her with gifts.

She also likes to brag alot. She likes to let others know how much she paid for this and that and what car she drives and how many trips she’s taken and give you the location of each one. She usually lives in the hood, projects or subsidized housing this is why she is called the Ghetto Fabulous Chick. Her only aspiration is looking good at any cost. Ordinarily she doesn’t plan for the future and live day by day, she loves living in the moment. She usually dates thugs or men she knows that can afford her bad habits because obviously she can’t.

Men, so remember the BBD song “Poison” never trust a big butt and a smile because it will get you caught up every time. However, if this is your type of woman then go for it, I just hope you have a lot of money or ready to go for broke!.

I’m just saying..

C Double R!

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