Monday, September 26, 2011

Set a Date with Your Mate

Sometimes we get so comfortable in our relationships that everything becomes routine and we forget to date our mate. The minute we stop dating our mate is the minute we start losing interest in our relationship. So to avoid this problem, make a date with your mate.

A good way to keep your relationship fresh is to have an affair with your mate. Yes, I said have an affair with your mate! If your name is Lisa change your name to Sasha when you call to flirt with your mate. Schedule a date with him and don’t arrive together. Meet him at the movies, restaurant or wherever you planned to meet. When you see your man waiting for you, walk up to him and introduce yourself as Sasha with the sexiest smile you can muster up. The key is to be someone you’re usually are not around your mate. If you usually wear button up shirts to your neck, unbutton a few buttons, or if you usually wear long skirts, throw on a sexy mini skirt. If you usually don’t wear make-up or wear your hair down put on that shiny lip gloss and let your hair down, after all it’s all in fun and it’s a great form of foreplay.

How does that saying go, “If you want to keep me then you have to continue to do the things you did to get me”. People, I have to tell you, this is more than just a phrase, it’s a fact. This goes for both men and women. If you cooked for your man 5 days a week but now you only cook once a week, that’s a problem. If you use to buy your woman flowers once a week and now she only get them once a year, that’s a problem. If you all use to have passionate sex at least three times a week and now it’s once a month, this is DEFINITELY a problem!

I understand that life can sometimes get in the way, but anything worth having usually requires a little work on your part. If you appreciate your mate then show him or her. Make a commitment to date each other and make a promise to never stop dating each other. If you never stop dating each other then you will always have excitement in your relationship.

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