Thursday, September 22, 2011

Don’t Carry Someone Else’s Baggage!

I attended a very interesting women’s empowerment luncheon the other day and the speaker made a statement that resonated with me. To quote her she said, “Don’t carry someone’s baggage”. Just to put this in context she was referencing the business world, but I immediately thought this could be applied to personal relationships too.

The question that lead to this response was “How do you prepare yourself for a meeting with a manager that you know have preconceive notions about you or someone like you, whether it’s because of your age, gender, race, sexual preference, etc?” You don’t, you don’t allow their preconceive notions change the true you and your agenda, in essence don’t carry their baggage.

This train of thought can be easily applied to our personal relationships. Sometimes we try to change who we are to gain another person’s trust or love because they have preconceive notions about us. If someone loves you then they will love you for you, period. You should never change the true you just because someone can’t handle or respect what you represent. Because if that’s the case then they don’t deserve you in the first place!

Some men have certain ideas about certain women; independent woman, overweight women, soft spoken women, provocatively dress women, and the list goes on. This doesn’t mean they don’t have a right to their opinions, but they do need to acknowledge facts and let the woman’s actions speak for themselves before they decide to place her in a general box.

Bottom line is this, you can’t always make someone change the way they think, but you can definitely educated them on the true you! Never carry someone’s baggage because it will only chip away at your true authenticity!

I’m just saying!

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