Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Sex Reaction Concept

Before I dive into this concept I must first acknowledge the person who gave me this topic to talk about, Double D. This is a very dear friend of mine who is very knowledgeable when it comes to sex and women. This concept was a revelation to me and I am quite sure it will be a revelation to many other women as well.

I was listening to The Steve Harvey Morning Show and he was speaking to a gentleman caller who stated that he is married to the perfect woman, but he has a problem of wanting to still search for that “good sex” with other women. Steve’s comment to him was sex is all the same until emotions are involved then it becomes something much deeper and that is why men can sleep with numerous women and feel no attachment to them and still love their mate. As I pondered this statement I thought it had some validity to it but after I asked my friend if he agreed with that statement he said no and explained why.

He explained that sex is all about reactions, seeing how a woman responds to you sexually. He gave the example of a man wanting to be with a doctor, lawyer or a professional woman to see how she would respond to him sexually. He explained that sex brings a person to their weakest moment and to see a “take charge” kind of woman at her weakest moment sexually is a huge turn on. Therefore, that is why so many men are on the prowl when it comes to conquering that thirst for sex with numerous women, to see how they respond sexually.

As a woman, I never viewed a cheating man, or a single man who have numerous sex partners in this way. I never thought about the reaction concept when it comes to men and sex. The Reaction Concept basically is a man taking the most headstrong woman, a woman who is usually in control of her life or a physically beautiful woman and breaking her down to her weakest point sexually and getting off on it sexually.

However, I must admit this applies to women too. Women love seeing an authoritative man climax and go weak at the knees after they have blown his mind sexually. I must confess it is a euphoric feeling. Sometimes you have to say to yourself “If his boys could only see him now.” The major difference between men and women when it comes to “The Sex Reaction Concept” is that women can get off by making one man breakdown sexually whereas men need multiple women to satisfy this sexual concept and therefore, that is why they are always in search for new prey.

They only way for a man to change his behavior is to get to the root cause of his behavior and control it. He may not be able to eliminate it, but he can control and suppress it to a level where he can be faithful to his mate. Once again, you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge!

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