Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby Momma Drama!

This is something that most women can relate to, including myself. Ladies you know how you meet that “special” someone and he is all that you are looking for in a man, except there is one issue. BABY MOMMA DRAMA!! Damn, damn, damn (in my Florida Evans voice)!! So now you have to weigh the pros and the cons of the situation.

You have to assess the situation from top to bottom and decide whether or not he’s worth all of the drama? So you start with the easy questions first. How many baby mommas are we talking about? How old are the kids, are they toddlers or teenagers? Are they boys or girls (trust, this makes a BIG difference especially if they are teenagers). Are the kids local or out of state?

Now you have to ask yourself the real questions. Does the baby momma(s) call in the middle of the night? Does he go over to the baby momma(s) house in the middle of the night, talking about he’s going to spend time with his kids? Does he walk out of the room when the baby momma(s) calls him? Does his ass smell like fresh soap when he comes back from supposedly seeing his kids? Does the baby momma(s) act like Keisha from Why Did I Get Married (For those of you who have seen the movie know what I am talking about?). If so, then they are still knocking boots and you need to get to stepping!! Period!

Again, this goes back to making the right investment when it comes to our relationships. If you ask yourself the questions about the baby momma(s) and if only one of the answers is a “yes”, then that’s a red flag. If you ask yourself these questions and all of them are “yes” then that’s a damn burning flag!!

I do have to defend the innocent fathers here because all fathers are not still dealing with their baby momma(s) even if the baby momma(s) tends to act like a crazy azz woman when it comes to the new woman. I can say this because again, I have experienced it. Sometimes the baby momma(s) can’t or won’t accept the fact that her child’s father has moved on and she is still stuck on “relationship” mode when it comes to the father. Ladies, just because your child’s father may come back once in awhile and break you off some doesn’t mean you two are back together. Or just because kids night turns into “mommy night” too, doesn’t mean you two are back together.

So ladies, just keep these questions in mind when you do meet a guy with kids, because kids can make or break a relationship, but baby momma drama can kill a relationship even before it gets started!

I’m just saying..

C Double R!

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