Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The One That Makes You Go Damn!

Ladies and men have you ever met that one that makes you go damn! You love the way this person smells, walks, smile, and not to mention how they throw it down in the bedroom. This is the woman or man that you just can’t say no to no matter what he or she does. Then you make a promise to yourself that you are through and you are cutting this person out of your life for good, but as soon as you see that person you get that fluttering feeling in your chest and you envision yourself in the bedroom with this person making mad love? Why do we do that, why do some people set themselves up just be on a rollercoaster of lust?

Pure physical attraction. Some people just have pure animalistic attraction towards one another. Yes, they know in some cases it may never go farther than the bedroom, and they both are cool with it. I think we all have met that one person, one time or another, that just does it for you. You don’t necessarily want to marry this person, or be with this person in a serious relationship, but you want to keep this person in your life.

I must say this is a rare occurrence. Of course when you first meet someone in the beginning it may be fireworks then after awhile it wears off. But when you meet that special person, no matter when you two get together or how long you two have been apart its constant fireworks, that’s a person that makes you go damn!

Not too many people can handle this kind of situation. This is a special kind of situation because both people have to be on the same accord and must know their position because no one wants unexpected drama. But if both parties are cool with the situation then more power to them. Because I will say it is very rare to find someone that can make you go damn, all the time!!

I’m just saying.

C Double R!