Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Love Behind Bars- Real or Convenient Love?

I had a reader ask me to write about this topic. She wanted to know if she should let her boyfriend move in with her once he gets out of prison? She made it clear that he doesn’t beat her and he is really a good guy, but had to go back to jail for failure to appear in court for a previous case? Huh?

My advice was no, actually hell no. I have to keep it real and I can’t sugar coat this important topic even if I wanted to. Look, here’s the deal. One, he had to do something to get a case slapped on him in the first place. Two, him not showing up to court for this case shows his lack of responsibility for himself and the lack of respect for the law.

When men are in prison the only power they have is with a pen and a pad and boy do they write the perfect story with these supplies. He will tell you all of the things he thinks you want and need to hear so you can continue to come visit him, put money on his books and hopefully give him a place to live once he is out. Men in prison play this game very well and unfortunately a lot of women believe the hype!

My advice to my reader was make him prove to you that he can be a responsible adult by getting and keeping a job and by getting his life back on track. But I also advised her to continue to do her in the interim, don’t stop living your life while he is trying to get his together! Don’t allow him to shack up because if you do he won’t have any motivation to get his life back on track. Know your worth and make sure that any man you’re with knows and appreciate your worth!!

I‘m just saying..

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