Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Head of House- Should it be the Woman, Man or Both?

I had a very interesting conversation the other day, so of course I had to write about it, so here it goes…

I was having a conversation with a friend in regards when Barack Obama was running for the presidency. I had made mention to the fact that when Barack was on Oprah over 4 years ago and he was thinking about running for the presidency Michelle stated that this had to be a family decision because it will change the dynamics of their family and she had a career to think about too. The other party whom I was speaking to immediately stated that’s bull and the final decision is Barack’s regardless if Michelle agrees or not, however, he then went on to say he would need her full support?? WTF!! Then the other party stated the final decision should be Barack’s, who is the man of the house, period! So I shot back, that’s why they are still married because they discuss important decisions as a family unit, not independently!

So, I ask the question when it comes to important decisions for the household who should make the decision, the man of the house, the woman of the house or should it be a joined decision?

I’m just saying..

C Double R


  1. Billy Kerns:
    There should be no head of house. It should be a team. Because no one believes that the other person is superior. They just allow "her" to believe that. Haha.