Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Open Relationships- Do They Really Work?

I am not sure if this is a new fad or the new way of relationships. But this has become a very popular form of dating. Could it be because of the shortage of good men or the lack of self esteem with women? Or is it the attitude of “I rather have a piece of a man than no man at all”? Have women lowered their standards so low that they are willing to share their man with other women openly?

I had the pleasure of interviewing one local Philadelphia man who has three “wives” and they call each other “sister/wives”. Let me clarify by saying, no they are not legally married but they all share the same home and enjoy their relationship with each other.

This is not the traditional “open relationship” situation, but it is definitely not the “traditional” relationship either. Usually in an open relationship the couple is “aware” that their mate dates other people but usually they don’t “join in” with dating the other person also.

I found this relationship to be truly unique because all parties genuinely love each other and are happy with one another. They all take trips together, have designated days that they share with their “husband” and they also have days when they all share each other. This is truly real life “Big Love”.

One may ask or say to themselves these must be hard up women or women with very low self-esteem. Not true at all. All three women are well educated, very attractive with very high self-esteem. They choose to be in this relationship because they want to, not because they have to.

After doing some research I discovered there are several clubs in the Philadelphia area that caters to swingers and open relationship couples. One of the local hot spots is Rollplay located in Atlantic City. Rollplay is an oasis for like-minded couples and single women to explore their desires together, from the sensual and sublime to the intense and erotic.

I must say I am a very liberal woman, but I don’t think I could ever be liberal enough to knowingly share my man with other women and also partake in the relationship activities with my man and these other women. Maybe I am just old fashion and still believe that a relationship should only consist of two people, not three and four. Or am I behind in the times? Is this the future for dating in our society?

I am quite sure a lot of men could go for this kind of dating and gives it two thumbs up, but I only see a lot of heart ache and disappointment in this kind of dating. Women are very emotional creatures and it takes a very special woman to partake in this style of dating and I aint one of them.

I’m just saying..

C Double R!


  1. Joan Conklin says:
    I know people do all kinds of things, but the Rollplay club sounds like a practice in exhibitionism more than anything else. I think you should go there and do some interviews. Really.

  2. Omega Swami:
    With all the diseases, especially AIDS...you gotta be crazy or an addict to consider.

  3. Swami- I agree or just a FREAK!!!!!!!!!! LOL..

  4. Omega Swami:
    LOL....so right Sista

  5. Burnett Glennel:
    May as well cause most ppl got sum1&cheatn...lmbo,im single again 4dat reason most non call backs&more textin&internet&non focus on relationships just make ya wanna let the other person in ya life get with ya whenever!!!! Lives to short for liars or unfocused ppl in relationships specially onesided ones...lol...cthu!!!!"