Saturday, July 10, 2010

Double Standards!!!!!

Why is it that a man can sleep around with a bunch of women and be called “The Man”, but when a woman does it she is called a “Ho”? Why is it when a man is in charge or the boss he is called the “HNIC” but when the woman is in charge she is called “The Bitch”? Why is it that when a man handles his business he is looked at as a good catch, but when a woman is doing her own thang and handling her business she’s looked at as “She thinks she’s the man that’s why she doesn’t have one!” Why? Why? Why?

Now far as the sleeping around thang, I get that. But it’s amazing that men want to sleep with these kind of women, but don’t want to marry these kind of women. But when a women marries this kind of man they think they have done the impossible, tamed the untamable beast? So women, take heed! I agree with Steve Harvey, “Act Like a Lady, But Think Like a Man!!” I had a very intelligence brother once tell me he doesn’t want easy sex, he doesn’t want what every other dude can get. He wants a woman who makes him work hard for it.

But far as the boss lady and the independent woman goes, what’s up with that? We work just as hard, if not harder than a man to get our titles and our possessions so why can’t we get the same kind of respect?

Why is it that a man doesn’t want to commit to a relationship, but wants you to commit to him? I’m just saying. Why is it that a man doesn’t want to take care of a woman, but feel inferior when she can take care of herself? Why is it that a man wants a woman to take charge in the bedroom, but not in the boardroom? Welllllll… Or here’s the killer, a man can have five kids by five different women, but look down on women who have more than one baby father? WTF???

I have my own opinions on this but I need the Fellas to talk to a sista?????????????????????

C Double R


  1. Men are seen as the conquerers in society, so it's acceptable for a man to have many women. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, just the way it is. But women get the benefits of the double standards too...

    Why when there's an argument in the relationship it's automatically the man's fault if the woman starts crying?

    Why in a break up or a divorce, the man that always gets raked over the coals?

    Don't start acting like women have it so bad.

  2. TrueMan said...
    First, Steve Harvey is a clown. Any man that wears a 12-button yellow suit can't be taken seriously. He is telling you ladies anything you want to hear to move units and you're gobbling it up.

    As for the double standard, some are based on the "traditional" role of the man, and some of those roles are outdated. Women were considered undesirable if they were "deflowered" prior to marriage but now it's expected that you probably won't marry a virgin. My mechanic up until I moved was a woman, and I'd put her up against any male mechanic I've ever met.

    The woman boss lady one is interesting. In my experience, a lot of women in management positions go over the top proving they are in control, when it isn't necessary. That's where the bitch comes in.

    However, you're off on some things. If a man has kids with five different women, I'll put my foot up his ass as fast as I would the woman with five different "baby daddies". They're both sorry individuals.

  3. @ TrueMan lol @ the Steve Harvey is a clown comment,but he does have some valid points whether you choose to agree with them or not. Now I do have to agree with you to a certain extent when it comes to women in power who over do their job. But in their defense some women have been put under the spotlight for so long when it comes to proving themselves that when they reach a certain status they dont know how to turn it off.
    Far as the children thing, I like to put a foot up their asses too to wake them up but I won't necessarily call them sorry individuals. Let's not judge if we are not perfect, you feel me???

  4. Kevin G. said...
    I am glad some said that the Harvey fella is a clown. cuddos "TrueMan". I think we both have double standards. For instance, a woman saids that a man should take care of the family. But will she do the same and not think less o him. We both can go tit-gfor-tat about this all day long. Bottom line is this: The fact of the matter is some things are just not for a man and just not for a woman. It's not a double standard, it's a standard.

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  6. well, as far as the sex thing goes, many women complain about how unfair it is that a man's multiple fuck buddies often earn him praise and compliments, while a woman's sexual conquests are the subject of scorn and ridicule.
    This would be a valid complaint if it weren't for the fact that women, as long as they have genitals and a pulse, barely have to work at getting "conquests."

  7. So because a woman doesn't have to work as hard for the conquest, this is not a valid complaint, are you f*&king kidding me? Please break it down for me so it can forever and consistently be broke!!

  8. Tru Man has lost his damn mind. First, lets talk about this divorce thing. Men dont get raked over the coals. Often times men are the cause of the break up with all of their BS. I dont believe their is a double standard just a standard. Bascially you do what is morally correct for you. The problem is most people dont have morals or self resect for themselves or the people they affect with their nonsense. Conquerers LMFAO please keep telling yourself that if it helps you sleep good at night.

  9. @ Anonymous - I haven't lost my mind. I just say things from a male point of view. Now I could say women drive men away, and in a lot of cases I'd be right, but this isn't the venue for that.

    You can ask your man...if you have one. Big if...