Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Display What You Say! Or Shut the Hell Up!

Are you the type of person who displays what you say? Or are you all mouth and no action? Nothing pisses me off more than having someone talk a lot of itsh, but can’t or won’t back it up. I can’t stand a person, especially a man who talks about how he’d going to do this and how he’s going to do that but won’t do one thing to make it come to fruition. This type of man has little to no chance with me because I am all about the action!

The other thing is when people reach out to you, unsolicited and say they are going to do something but never do it. WTF? Why reach out to me if you have no intentions on displaying what you’re saying? Is it to pacify my ego or to make you feel or look like a big shot? One thing I don’t need is pacification and I definitely don’t need someone offering their services if they don’t intend on providing them, this goes for man or woman.

Word is bond for most people. Some people will go for broke before they break their word. Your word is attached directly to your reputation and your character. So think before you speak. If you have no intentions on doing something, or you would like to do something but not sure if you can do it, then keep your damn mouth closed! Nobody likes a storyteller (in my 8 year old son’s voice), yes, it’s good to dream and it looks good when you’re trying to be the good guy or girl, but when you don’t follow through it just makes you look like a liar. Sorry it is what it is!

So just a few words of advice if you know you can’t do something or not sure if you can do something then just don’t offer to do it, period! Trust me, it will make your life a whole lot easier and it will help to keep your reputation and character intact.

I‘m just saying..

C Double R!.


  1. LOL. This has happened to everyone. I say you just go with it. This makes me think of Robert Townsend in the movie "Hollywood Shuffle"......

    She wanted to make love, but her breath was stinkin'.
    Oh well. Do you throw away a Rolls Royce 'cause it has a dent in it.
    She wanted to do the nasty.
    And I like to do the nasty.

  2. If you're not asked to do it then don't volunteer to do it when you can't do it. PERIOD!