Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When Do You Give Full Disclosure About Yourself When You Start Dating Someone New??

This question is directed to both men and women. When do you completely disclose yourself to someone new that you started dating? After the second date, the first date to get it out of the way? Or after you know that the person has fallen for you and use that as leverage when you completely reveal yourself to them?

Men, when would you want to know that the woman you are dating is a virgin (I know it is rare, but yes there are still some virgin adult women in the world)? Or that she is a stripper or have 6 kids by five different men, after the first date or the 5th date?

Ladies when would you want to know that the man you are dating is an ex-con? Or have a terminal illness or is a recovering alcoholic or drug user, after the first date or the fifth date?

Most generally believe it boils down to the comfort level of the relationship. For instance if a man has no real interest in a woman, besides her ass or pretty face then his only goal is to hit it and then split or just use her as his physical pleasure toy, therefore, he’s not really interested in revealing too much about himself to her or having her reveal too much about herself to him. Same with a woman, if she is only dating a man for his money she’s not interested in revealing herself to him or vice versa, as long as he keeps the money flowing all is good in the neighborhood.

Now on the other hand, when you meet someone that you are really feeling, on all levels, when do you let the skeletons out of the closet? Is there such a thing as perfect timing or you just do it when you see fit? Most women know straight from the gate if they really want to get serious with a man. And most men know if they have a real connection with a woman from the gate. So again, when do you give full disclosure about yourself to that new person in your life? Inquiring minds what to know.

I personally like full disclosure from the gate. One, it shows me that you respect me enough to be completely honest with me. Two, it shows me that you feel a connection with me and you are comfort enough to disclose yourself to me completely. And three, it lets me know that for the most part, you don’t have nothing to hide, which wins major points in my book because I find honesty very sexy!
So, when do you give full disclosure to someone that you are dating?

I’m just saying,

C Double R!!


  1. Ernest McManus:
    Ummm if full disclosure is who u are then day 1 if full disclosure is things u done in the past then that would be never lol

  2. Ernest McManus:
    I'm just an open person I don't have any problem talking about who I am and my life and I would want someone to know that up front I'm deadly honest but not cruel. Seems like people don't talk about anything or don't want to reveal anything about themselves for someone to judge them or throw it n there face later. So full disclosure comes with trust.

  3. I feel that full disclosure is imporatant but i guess the bigger question is do both people give full disclosure at the same time? Part of the problem in relationships is that some people just assume instead of finding out facts or asking questions. A greater problem i have with the lack of full disclosure and what REALLY irritates me is people who have hidden agendas because IF you have hidden agendas then you can't be the type of person who believes in full discosure.


  4. Not until I really get to know her. Until then, my personals are really none of her gotdamn business. She'll get to know me a little more as we interact, but I'm not letting her know all about me from the gate.

  5. @ Ernest I totally agree that full disclosure comes with trust and trust doesn't have a timeframe.

    @ Darryl I agree if you have a hidden agenda then you're not fully disclosed, therefore there is a lack of trust.

    @ True Man again I agree, it's all about the trust for me.

  6. If she gets my real government, consider that a plus. I keep an alias at all times.