Monday, January 25, 2010

Damn, I Miss His Loud Ass Snoring, Damn I Miss Her Horrible Cooking!

Isn’t it funny how you miss the very thing that drove you crazy about you ex when you become single? Not to say you miss your ex, but you miss those little things in the relationship that drove you crazy when you were in one. Remember when you wanted to shove a pillow down his throat to stop him from snoring? Or when you would secretly pick something up to eat on the way home so you won’t have to be subjected to her awful cooking? But now that you are single these are the very things that you miss. Life is crazy.

It’s funny how you never know what you will miss once you become single. Most people think it’s having someone to share the bills with or helping with the kids, but sometimes it’s the little things that actually use to annoy the hell out of your ass! Go figure?

When you’re single you start to think about all of the little things that you miss about being in a relationship. Like when you had a long hard day at work and as soon as you walk through the door you mate already knows without you saying a word. Or watching your favorite movie together, or having that cup of Starbuck’s coffee on Sundays and just chilling together. Or like having him warm up your car on the cold days so you won’t have to sit in a cold car. Or having her lay out your lucky suit for your big interview.

But after thinking about all of this you remember why you two are no longer together and then thank God for being single!!

I’m just saying!!

C Double R


  1. Jeff Ellison commented on your link:

    "Hey Lady, you are so right, you think about the things that were good, but then
    reality sets in and you recall why the person is your ex. "

  2. So true! Let memories be memories at times!

  3. There are some things you miss. And as you get older, the reasons you're not together anymore might not mean as much to you as they once did.

  4. @ True Man because a peace of mind overrule all of the bullshit!!!Thanks for chiming in as usual:)